Coco The Movie: 11 Inspirational Life Lessons For Family Generations

The movie Coco is about a Mexican young boy named Miguel whose family is preparing for Día de Muertos. His family hates music that even a little sound offends them. Unfortunately, music is Miguel’s passion and dream of life. In this movie, we will witness Miguel's dilemma while pursuing his chosen path and a lot of surprises.
If you haven’t watched this movie yet, I “require” you to stop reading this blog right now. Because you’re going to miss the journey to the Land of Death and you can not feel the spirit of the lessons. Coco seems like an animation movie for kids, however, the key lessons even impacted adults. I promise it’s worth it and you will not waste your time finding it, watching it ASAP. Are you ready to have a flashback and deeply feel the vibration Coco brings to us?

#1 Your family is the most priceless gift

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Miguel’s family has a traditional business and they expect him to be the heir. However, Miguel has his own dream about becoming an artist. As his family criticized it, he left home and accidentally came to the Land of Death. From this journey, Miguel realized the truth that our family loves us, supports us, protects us unconditionally. Therefore, we should always keep them in our hearts and let them live through the moments we have with them.

#2 Follow your dream

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Even though Miguel left his family to pursue his dream, we can not deny his devotion to pursuing his path. He succeeded!
How many times have you ceased your ambition just because of other’s judgment or doubts? The movie tells us not to let any obstacles stop our ways. When you truly desire something, nothing can stop you. Go! Go make your dreams come true! It’s your life and you are the only one to have the right to decide how it is gonna be.

#3 Seize the moment

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“Seize the moment” is a message repeated throughout the movie. We can clearly see how powerful the quote was when Miguel tried his best to play the guitar, sang “Remember me” song and brought back Coco’s memory. Moreover, he seized the moment which proved with his family why music was so important to him.

#4 It’s never too late to forgive

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Through this movie, we even learn a thoughtful lesson about forgiveness. Imelda hated Hector because he left his family and she couldn’t forgive him no matter how she loved him. However, after they found out the truth and Imelda realized how much Hector missed their family, she forgave him immediately. It’s never too late to forgive and release traumas. That would be the best way for you and the one who hurts you to be free from the world of hatred.

#5 Don’t judge anyone by their appearance

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Hector appeared as a pity guy with no altar for him. Everyone in the Land of Death made jokes about Hector and called him “Loser” without knowing he is an authentic artist. Until the day Miguel met him and the audience ultimately realized how precious is Hector. People nowadays are so quick to make a judge by just a glance and first appearance will be everything. Just notice that you will never know who is standing in front of you so please show respect to everyone.

#6 Goodness always wins evil

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Source: Dan David Amazona

Ernesto poisoned Hector to take the spotlight because he was blinded by envy for his best friend's talent. However, there are causes & effects in life. Ernesto exposed his true color and eventually, he got a bad ending- the death. Therefore don’t ever step on other’s dignity. Be grateful and respectful. Because whatever evil things you do to someone, will certainly go back to you as painful as you did.

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In a nutshell, Coco is an extremely must-watch movie. It is not only deliberate to adults but also to kids as well. I love the way they let the power of music sheds the light on every situation in the movie. So if you’re a Disney fan or a music lover, do not miss this masterpiece.
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