34 Creepy Designs That Will Haunt Your Soul

Have you ever spotted any creepy designs? Creepy designs can be found everywhere, including children's playgrounds, children's toy areas, or advertisements. We don't know why those designers could come up with nightmare-twisted products. And in this article, we are not going to find the reasons behind them, but share with you guys the most questionable designs that we've ever spotted online.
We have compiled some examples of creepy designs from the r/CreepyDesign subreddit. Some designs will haunt your soul, for sure. Now, scroll down to check out some of the worst designs ever. And don't forget to vote for the ones you think are the most terrible.

#1. This Vase I found at Ross

Creepy DesignsSource: Blumbu

#2. What am I looking at??

Creepy DesignsSource: JudeandFloyd20

#3. This GTR design

Creepy DesignsSource: Ok-Arm-352

#4. It‘s watching me every time I go to Mc Donalds

Creepy DesignsSource: koliibrii

#5. Local art on my town's yard sale page

Creepy DesignsSource: Derp_1997

#6. I have no idea where these are, but they can stay there

Creepy DesignsSource: Cenobite42

#7. That's one desperate chicken

Creepy DesignsSource: MRUNIVERSE_CRAIG722

#8. Erm, yeah. Nope

Creepy DesignsSource: INFJ_witchergirl

#9. This horrific playground caterpillar

Creepy DesignsSource: uttermost2006

#10. Quickly, turn around, my ejaculation face is terrifying

Creepy DesignsSource: scottriddochmusic

#11. Cursed snow

Creepy DesignsSource: ulissesberg

#12. This terrifying Christmas tree

Creepy DesignsSource: confusedavacado13

#13. The Ice Cream Boy wants your soul

Creepy DesignsSource: Longjumping_Act6487

#14. Cyborg baby

Creepy DesignsSource: brankaivanovic321

#15. He looks like he just saw a ghost

Creepy DesignsSource: penina999

#16. Who can even think of this?

Creepy DesignsSource: Toucannugget

#17. Came for some chips, and left missing a kidney...

Creepy DesignsSource: El_hurracan

#18. A baby carrier

Creepy DesignsSource: Helpful-Substance685

#19. "Please, play on me"

Creepy DesignsSource: joshygill

#20. Fingers

Source: EfeTr67

#21. In front of my local game store

Source: Azmaeth

#22. Found this beauty at a Brazilian arcade

Source: Cyb3rbot_23

#23. These boots are made for hoppin, and that’s just what they’ll do

Source: Oblivions_gate

#24. Seen in Bulgaria

Source: Leading_Donkey_4634

#25. He watches

Source: Ghostfrog46

#26. Panda decoration at our mall

Source: Ok_Aide7135

#27. Not an exit

Source: arootdesign

#28. Crappy advertisement

Source: munchies127

#29. Micheal stares into your soul

Source: MarvelFan_gamer_1212

#30. The croc, it sees you

Source: AnimeLemon

#31. Muscle Man

Source: reddit

#32. Creepy coincidence

Source: JJH0607

#33. Hitler skunk found at the flea market

Source: SMoKUblackRoSE

#34. Red light!

Source: asmodean7919

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