TOP 8 Interesting Facts About Disney Princesses That Even True Fans Don't Know!

Although Walt Disney has created many famous and classic characters in their movies, it still can be seen that nothing comes close to the pretty Disney Princesses. These beauties are also reckoned as unique icons of this company.
Over the years, Disney princesses have widely been role models of many children due to their enamored stories of true love and kindness. Was your childhood associated with dreamy fairy tales and beautiful Disney princesses? Did you wrap yourself with a blanket and pretend to be a princess? If the answer is yes, you - a true fan, should not miss the following interesting facts about them!

#1 The princess who has the smallest feet - Cinderella

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The dance with the prince is so engrossed that Cinderella comes home late. Therefore, she leaves without a goodbye and drops a glass shoe. To find Cinderella, the prince invites every girl in the country to wear that shoe, but thousands of people don't fit. Cinderella's glass shoes are so small that only she can wear them!

#2 The princess who sleeps most - Aurora

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Aurora is a gentle and gorgeous princess with shiny blonde hair and rosy lips. Unfortunately, Aurora was cursed to fall asleep for hundreds of years in the forest. The curse eventually dissolves when Prince Phillip arrives and gives Aurora a kiss of true love to wake her up from a century’s sleep!

#3 The youngest princess - Snow White

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Based on the same name fairy tale written by the Grimm brothers, Snow White is the first princess of Walt Disney released in 1937. Still in her teenage, exactly is only 14 years old, naive Snow White almost be killed by her cruel stepmother.

#4 The only princess has a power - Elsa

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Elsa is the only princess who has the power which turns anything into ice or snow. But she also has many struggles with dealing with how to control her power. Not to hurt anyone, she had to stay away from other people. No one understands why and they started to mistrust her.

#5 The only princess has a job - Tiana

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Of all the Disney princesses, only Tiana has to work as a waitress at a diner. She works hard to fulfill her father's dream, which is owning a restaurant. Although she has never been given a noble title or a crown officially, she has done everything with her own hands to be her own princess deservedly.

#6 The ‘roughest’ princess - Mulan

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Princesses are always bland and mild, but Mulan is not. She loves her country and is willing to protect it. This Chinese girl who dared to join the army is enough to show how strong she is. On the battlefield, Mulan destroyed thousands of enemies.

#7 The princess who has the longest hair - Rapunzel

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Rapunzel is the Disney princess having the longest hair (about seventy feet long)! Her bright gold, magic hair is even longer than the height of the towel in which she is locked up!

#8 The only real-life princess - Pocahontas

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Of all the Disney princesses, only the Pocahontas is a real-life princess. She is also known as Rebecca Rolfe, a native American woman from the US state of Virginia, the daughter of the Powhatan Chief of the Tidewater tribe. Pocahontas was captured and held for ransom by the British during the Anglo-Indian hostilities in 1613.

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