22 Times When The Results Were Far Better Than Expectations

They say that the less you expect, the less disappointed you will be. In real life, things do not always go according to our expectations, and we see a lot of ‘Expectations vs. Reality’ fails. At times, however, things turn out to be so good, to our surprise, even when we did not put too much faith in them.
People from around the world are sharing times when the results they received surpassed their expectations in the first place, making them feel over the moon. Life never ceases to impress us. Scroll down to see these eye-pleasing pics, and you will find how the reality can be way far better than our anticipation.

#1. "For my birthday this year, my wife asked what kind of cake she should make... and I told her that, honestly, I've always wanted to try Peach's thank-you cake from the end of Super Mario 64"

Source: alandenton

#2. "I think it turned out pretty well"

Source: brigie3594

#3. "My mom made an Elsa cake"

Source: hellogoodhigh

#4. "The way we advertise our Jack-o-Lantern pizzas vs the way I like to make them for customers"

Source: ArcusArtifex

#5. "Ordered the blanket from a sketchy seeming website. They nailed it"

Source: ezfriedchiken

#6. "Expectations surpassed"

Source: brokenfap

#7. "My wife's Mcdonald's cone in the drive through last night"

Source: Eric_SS

#8. "Chipwhich"

Source: ItzGonnaBeMei

#9. "Pretty happy with how this turned out"

Source: CometDebris

#10. "When your 3 year old asks for a rainbow dinosaur donut party you comply. I drew the design and had it made by a local baker"

Source: thepantyprincessx

#11. "Pic given to local baker on the left... actual Hungry Unicorn cake I received on the right"

Source: VenomousUnicorn

#12. "Made a unicorn cake for my Mom's birthday. Considering how inexperienced I am with baking, I thought it turned out pretty good!"

Source: nightmare_vision

#13. "My wife did a damn fine job on these cupcakes. Delicious too"

Source: bike_rack

#14. "My daughter's Birthday Cake from last year..."

Source: Awnya

#15. "Dr.Who cupcakes. Sent an independent baker the first pic not hoping for much (it was a short notice), nearly cried with joy when got my order"

Source: zarishka

#16. "Otterly impressive birthday cake from my mom"

Source: mamabear034

#17. "That’s hot"

Source: Grand_Area

#18. "Dad’s cookies turned out just like the picture. Chocolate crinkle cookies from America’s Test Kitchen"

Source: ag2575

#19. "Ordered from grocery store. Cupcake 'cake' for my daughters birthday. Pleasantly surprised"

Source: mydogisanastronaut

#20. "First time doing a photo restoration turned out better than expected"

Source: aberempel

#21. "Pic I sent cookie maker, and what I got!! 100% impressed and would order from her again!! Bonus: Cookies tasted great"

Source: ICvsShipt

#22. "It's my son's birthday today, and he wanted a fire-truck cake. It came out better than expected"

Source: ra66itz

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