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23 Times Store Owners Brought Their Customers Peals Of Laughter

You will need to come up with a lot of things when starting running a business. Opening a store, for example. And clever marketing strategies are one of the most important keys to make your brand outstanding. Some shop owners launch outrageous advertisements to get noticed by the public. Meanwhile, some others don’t waste plenty of money to do that. They just use their own creativity and sense of humor, and it actually draws customers’ attention.

Below is a list of shop owners who know how to tickle their customers’ funny bones. With some hilarious signs or notes, these shops successfully make their service more effective and even special. Scroll down to check.

#1. “Found an ice cream shop in Amman, Jordan”

Source: Glypshmergle

#2. “This pizza shop gets it”

Source: darrenpauli

#3. “This tattoo shops signs are always on point”

Source: blinkf2

#4. “Our parents really did give us something to cry about”

Source: TheSeekerOfPeace

#5. “Seen in a toy store in Austin, TX”

Source: olliepots

#6. “Aussie coffee shop tells it like it is”

Source: Landerah

#7. “My local ice cream shop has this on their dishes”

Source: abk03

#8. “This supermarket is interesting”

Source: korvslask

#9. “The sign outside my local coffee shop”

Source: lansingcycleguy

#10. “This children’s menu”

Source: Pm_me_some_dessert

#11. “Someone at the Arts & Crafts store has a warped sense of humor”

Source: London-Queen

#12. “They mounted a vegan to the wall at a butcher shop”

Source: no_sam

#13. “New seasonal item in the produce department at the grocery store”

Source: mcledger

#14. “Ad for a pizza shop”

Source: nevermatter

#15. “This store cheese counter has the right idea”

Source: Gin_Tonic

#16. “This sign should be posted in every store ever”

Source: reddit.com

#17. “In a Mexican wrestling-themed taco shop”

Source: 123comicbro

#18. “This funny cone display”

Source: -Papadil-

#19. “A computer repair shop thinks they’re funny… They’re right”

Source: gerclar

#20. “This independent coffee shop uses a Starbucks mug for its toilet brush holder”

Source: daviedrew

#21. “Best shop”

Source: inferiix

#22. “For my last day of work at the pet store, I made myself Employee of the Month”

Source: EverythingFerns

#23. “False Advertising”

Source: obviousplant

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