Explore 15 Funny Moments Of A Libra After A Breakup

Breaking up is a pretty universal experience and there are a variety of ways to heal the soul after separation. Each zodiac sign in astrology experiences and recovers from breakups differently. While some signs like Cancer and Capricorn take lots of time to move on, Aries and Libra are quick to pursue a new connection. As a symbol of harmony, and governed by Venus, the planet of love, Libras are happiest when they're coupled up. Therefore, it's no surprise that Libra will dive into another serious relationship after a breakup.
However, before coming to another love, Libra, like other people, needs time to heal. Today, we collected 15 funny memes that describe Libra after separation. If you are wondering how a Libra after a breakup is like, let's scroll and find out.

#1 Can you relate?

Source: libra.meanings

#2 Hurt or no hurt, food is true love.

Source: libra.memess

#3 Don't worry.

Source: libra.personaliity

#4 "I'm a queen."

Source: libra.sensibility

#5 "When my nose goes crusty."

Source: libraahub

#6 Alright.

Source: libras.society

#7 Is that true?

Source: libras.society

#8 No no no...

Source: libras.society

#9 Karma baby.

Source: libras.society

#10 Tag a Libra.

Source: librasastrology

#11 Savage.

Source: libravibesonly

#12 Karma is coming.

Source: libravibesonly

#13 Time to heal.

Source: moonlightmaidens

#14 "They just broke my ability to trust them."


#15 Bye.

Source: thelibragang

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