20 Photos That Show Dogs Are Silly And Clumsy Creatures

If you have ever owned a dog, you are a lucky person. To put it simply, dogs are great creatures who can make our best friends. Not only do they make us smile every day, but they also provide us with companionship and unconditional love. But no matter how perfect and wonderful our 4-legged friends are, they can be goofs sometimes. They engage in silly situations, put themselves into trouble, and act weirdly as if there is something broken in their system.
Here are 20 silly and funny dogs whose only goal is to make you smile! These dogs are so stupid and weird that their owners can't stop laughing and sharing their pics with everyone. Stop whatever you're doing as these dogs need you to look at them, and they will not be satisfied until they see you smile. Check them out! Next time you’re having a bad day, just remember that dogs exist.

#1 Frida just enjoying the cantaloupe she stole from the kitchen moments earlier..

Source: Sonya Brannock

#2 Time for a belly rub.

Source: Linda Nierliņa

#3 Me after thanksgiving lol

Source: S Grijalva

#4 "Buster will literally sleep through anything. He's my big doofy boy."

Source: Braineating Spleen

#5 Doxie baby!

Source: Dawn Turner

#6 Milo’s favorite chillin’ position

Source: lolitsfiona

#7 Upside down clown.

Source: Viv Justviv

#8 Awww perfect blep!

Source: Sasha Bharti

#9 Bubble Hat + Blep For The Win

Source: Sce Pike

#10 "What? What are you laughing at?"

Source: Mark Brown

#11 Look at his noze!!!

Source: Amy Bindokas

#12 "My pups after a long walk."

Source: Dynasty Stewart

#13 "My daft doggo going ‘wheeeeeeeeeeeee’ rolling down a hill."

Source: Goth mouse

#14 My dog brooklynn, she is 4MO in this picture.

Source: BrookieTheWookie

#15 Someone broke the puppy

Source: Stephen Branley

#16 "Why? Is that actually comfortable?"

Source: Stephanie Hudson

#17 "You humans think you need fingers to pick your nose!"

Source: Monica Michelle

#18 Teefs

Source: Lucia B..

#19 I’ll make it fit!

Source: Derek Scarborough

#20 Trying to decide if that's the "I'm happy to see u " smile or the " PREPARE TO DIE" smile

Source: Wanda Maximoff

Please share these pics with your friends and family members to brighten up their day! If you have a dog, please post the funniest, silliest, dorkiest photos of your dog in the comments below!
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