33 Times When People's Birthdays Went Terribly Wrong

Have you ever celebrated a birthday, and it didn't turn out as you planned? Everything can happen, and failures are something unavoidable in life. We all want to be treated as someone special and for everything to be perfect on our birthday. But more often than not, life doesn’t care about our special day and sends us a gift of bad luck instead. Take these people's birthdays that went terribly wrong, for example.
We have collected 33 pictures that capture the moments when people's birthdays went terribly wrong. One bought a PS5 for their son’s birthday; however, they received a rock instead. Another celebrated their special day at the hospital. The list goes on and on. Scroll down to take a look. If you have any unforgettable memories about your birthday, please share them with us by leaving a comment below.

#1. My quarantine birthday is going well

Source: watskii

#2. Bought a PS5 for my son’s birthday. Someone at UPS swapped it out with a rock


#3. How my friend is celebrating his birthday today

Source: CDC678

#4. I was the only one who turned up to my B-day party. So I got some balloon friends to join lmao. I’m now inviting all of Reddit, there will be cake, and cheap paper plates

Source: SlyMoonLlama

#5. My mom ordered a TV (delivered by FedEx) for me for my birthday we just opened it up to turn it on and...

Source: XyroGame

#6. My kid during his birthday safari

Source: spencabt

#7. Whole Foods Prime delivery for my mom's birthday

Source: dreamboat252

#8. This is me at the skating rink for my birthday party nobody came to. No it wasn’t Covid-19. It was 1995 and I had no friends


#9. Me and all the friends I invited to my birthday!

Source: SparkenSirius

#10. My friend's 16th birthday was on 9/11

Source: Righteous_Fire

#11. Someone threw away the rest of my birthday cake before I was able to take it home...

Source: Grykllx

#12. Today’s my birthday

No one could make it over for pizza and games, the power went out and I twisted my ankle because I couldn’t see coming down the stairs. It’ll be me, the guitar, and some tears tonight. Happy 20th to me!


#13. It’s my birthday ?. It’s also the only day my doctor could remove my 3 kidney stones (Laser lithotripsy). Wish me luck!


#14. Did this at football practice......on my birthday

Source: jonesnet

#15. The worst birthday card I've ever gotten...

Source: randymachokingsavage

#16. Birthday balloons caught on a rose bush as I brought them in...

Source: oldmanvegas

#17. Facebook...

Source: Pirate_Redbeard

#18. Mom made me a birthday cake last year. Didn't leave enough room to dot the exclamation point

Birthdays Went Terribly WrongSource: AnaChevez69

#19. It was supposed to say happy birthday lizard (her nickname)...

Birthdays Went Terribly WrongSource: katmermaid

#20. Happy Birthday!

Birthdays Went Terribly WrongSource: CritterBoiFancy

#21. Well

Birthdays Went Terribly WrongSource: Medicina

#22. Absolutely no one remembered my birthday except another person who has the same birthday as me and gave me a pen

Birthdays Went Terribly WrongSource:

#23. Everyone including my parents forgot it was my birthday today, so I improvised

Birthdays Went Terribly WrongSource: Die_libtard

#24. Someone cut me up while transporting chili for my sister in laws birthday dinner

Birthdays Went Terribly WrongSource: g-hannah85

#25. Had to have emergency surgery to get my appendix removed this morning. Oh, and it's my birthday!

Birthdays Went Terribly WrongSource: stairway_2evan

#26. I baked cakes for my work colleagues for my birthday and nobody took any

Birthdays Went Terribly WrongSource: Marco3712

#27. My mom sent me a birthday care package from a cross country with my favorite candy. This is what LA heat did to my precious milk duds

Birthdays Went Terribly WrongSource: Grootdrew

#28. My mom made me a pan of brownies for my birthday, and my son insisted on carrying them on the way home. Got back and somehow they ended up with a giant footprint on them

Birthdays Went Terribly WrongSource: nday79

#29. Bought myself a Birthday cake yesterday. Then the rest of my family found it

Birthdays Went Terribly WrongSource: gentlybeepingheart

#30. On my 30th birthday, one of my friends dropped his phone on the cake! One of my best memory and one of his worst!

Birthdays Went Terribly WrongSource: Oppapaerdna

#31. Kid spitting all over the cake

Birthdays Went Terribly WrongSource:

#32. Matty Matheson's daughter wanted to help make her own birthday cake

Birthdays Went Terribly WrongSource: bikinireef

#33. Happy Birthday!

Birthdays Went Terribly WrongSource: Poeticyst

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