33 Hallucinating Photos That Hysterically Remind You Of Something Creepy And Cute

Creepiness and cuteness seem so different that most of us never think they don't belong together. We have seen several concepts combining horror and humor or loveliness and hilarity. They are marvelous. Then, we wonder what it will look like if we merge those three aspects. Can we get something gripping that excites, kneads, melts, and freezes our brains all at once?
Have you ever had hallucinations of objects around you? Have you ever mistaken a pile of clothes for a person? We bet everyone has experienced it twice or more. This phenomenon is called pareidolia by scientists. It is stimulating and thrilling, especially for those living alone at night. You might feel scared, but you can not stop your mind from imagining and associating familiar things with the supernatural.
Let's explore our small pareidolic gallery below to know the feeling!

#1. Construction spider creature

Source: u/Cletus-H

#2. Dog + puppies look like a cuddly octopus

Source: u/SavingShiite253

#3. Jack Nicholson

Source: u/purple-circle

#4. The thinking tree, ancient olive tree Puglia Italy

Source: u/memberedknow155

#5. Chillin’ shroom

Source: u/j3horn

#6. The Claw!

Source: u/ingenfara

#7. Duuuuuude, or It's a TRAAAP! What do you see?

Source: u/elfluffynator

#8. A minion had too much to drink.

Source: u/moreice45

#9. Groovy

Source: u/Kevin_O_Loacvick

#10. ? What if they're just sleeping, giants?

Source: u/therra123

#11. Groot's Chubby Cousin

Source: u/MobyFlip

#12. Whoops!

Source: u/alkaram

#13. Fear...

Source: u/XVHBC777

#14. Eggplant man

Source: u/aoc_ftw

#15. Two planes having a laugh

Source: u/renomechta77

#16. "Felt like I was being watched at the park."

Source: u/smallermuse

#17. Hmmm

Source: u/UNIQUE-Tank-7915

#18. Single berry in a plate. Ridiculous portions at a local restaurant...

Source: u/BrightlyMeek

#19. Skull Rock at Joshua Tree National Park, CA

Source: u/CesPP

#20. Weft hanging

Source: u/orwille

#21. Seems like this poor “lad” has been thru a war! (it is an Arbutus Madrona tree trunk)

Source: u/yuckgeneric

#22. Carrot Knight

Source: u/aboutStamp

#23. Forbidden bird meat

Source: u/Hotdouglass

#24. Happy Stuka

Source: u/SteelyGlint009

#25. Tree face.

Source: u/Ozzyozosman

#26. That's a huge lizard

Source: u/overtlyClaw

#27. A horse carrying another horse

Source: u/djgotenx

#28. Popcorn alien

Source: u/MathiasCruz2099

#29. :O

Source: u/yttikat

#30. Dehydrated Pumpkin

Source: u/crowningRadish80

#31. "Meet my steering wheel/ dashboard, I see a happy dude, hbu?"

Source: u/elfluffynator

#32. "Reminds me of a..."

Source: u/minininny

#33. The sun looks like it’s going to murder everyone

Source: u/ordainedWarden854

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