20 Pets Who Can’t Live Without Their Favorite Toys, Their Bond Is Inseparable!

Our kids love toys and have their favorite ones. And this is no exception to our pets. These furry friends also need soft and cuddly toys that can give them comfort and accompany them in every activity, from sleeping to playing. Although these toy friends cannot say, our pets still love them, consider them as best friends, and can't part with them. Even when they’re grown up, becoming adults, they still love their little friends.
Get ready to full of cuteness! Here are 20 photos that show our pets and their favorite toys are inseparable. Scroll down to take a look at this selection. Looking at these cute faces, we can see that they can’t hide their happiness and pleasure when playing with their toys. If that’s not love, we don’t know what is.

#1 He loves his Mr Pig

Source: Amy Bindokas

#2 Lucas the cat was guarding his beloved stuffed leopard as his grandma was mending it.

Source: Unknown

#3 "Is this creature my new friend? He is so adorable. Welcome to our home, my tiny friend!"

Source: Imgur

#4 "Ace (& Ivy) with his favourite toy!"

Source: xdanex

#5 Good girl waiting for Dad to fix her favorite toy

Source: BigToeBanjo

#6 Just a pup and his toy corn.

Source: cheeriO-_-

#7 "You are taking a photo of me and my sheep toy?"

Source: Imgur

#8 "My girlfriend's very sweet service dog, Feta cuddling with her new yoda toy."

Source: JackTh3Ripper92

#9 Stormy’s new favourite toy!

Source: kristioppa

#10 "I’m grown up and you are still little. But we’re forever best friends, right?"

Source: Imgur

#11 She refuses to go to bed without her favorite toy.

Source: Mzest

#12 Shiba plays with his favorite toy, picture by kaibaaa_bbb

Source: Luke-Laurencin

#13 "This is the happiest time of a day!"

Source: Imgur

#14 Waiting for toys to dry

Source: DaisyDubz92

#15 "Her favorite toy is one that is way too big for her and was meant for my larger dog."

Source: firefighterlady

#16 This is the true definition of friendship.

Source: Imgur

#17 Her favorite toy.

Source: Nihilistminator

#18 "Oh my God, you are buying me a toy? I’m so excited to have you in my home, friend."

Source: Imgur

#19 "Our cat Kitty Bang Bang is super proud of herself for this big catch. I don't have the heart to tell her it's not real."

Source: Metroskunk

#20 Dog patiently waiting for his favorite toy to be fixed.

Source: Kittyjay13145

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