20 Incredibly Amusing Examples Of Pareidolia That You Won't Be Able To Unsee

At times, you suddenly see the ice in your glass of wine look like a human face, or bubbles in your cup of tea form a cat shape. You may think that you must have a weird illusion. But actually, you do not. Most of us have been in these circumstances. It is a psychological phenomenon called pareidolia, causing you to see familiar objects or things in abstract things or patterns. If you see faces in daily objects, it is ordinary. In other words, your vision is good, and you are not crazy, lol.

We can realize that inanimate things also look vividly like living creatures. In some cases, it is a little bit creepy. But technically, this tendency is fascinating. People who experienced pareidolia find it so amusing and decide to share the pics with others. We have rounded up some of the most interesting ones in the collection below. Definitely, you won't be able to unsee these.

#1 He's done with life

Source: meebit

#2 This blob of hand cream looks like a kitten

Source: yum_disc

#3 A snail comes out of an exploded egg

Source: monkeyman9608

#4 Bubbles that form a little cat shape

Source: HowAboutNo69

#5 Sun's reflection on drinking glass creates Bart Simpson’s skull

Source: 0zymandias21

#6 Turtle with a reflection that resembles a face of a man

Source: Gatimon

#7 A snow lizard

Source: mcspecies

#8 A cat mid sneeze on the dog's chest

Source: VintageRice

#9 The ice looks like a man face


#10 A cute dog but actually just rust

Source: XiaoRJ

#11 Can't unsee this

Source: plazma421

#12 A small elephant

Source: Skyblue_Monty

#13 There's a goddess in this orange

Source: theone1221

#14 What house would you belong to? Gryffindor or Slytherin?

Source: tiatiaaa89

#15 He was shocked

Source: MonsterPooper

#16 A man head

Source: clarkbarniner

#17 This orchid really looks like an eagle

Source: kYlejAEnz

#18 Donald Trump found in a dog's ear

Source: BanksyBhoy

#19 This is a T-Rex

Source: AberrantDevices

#20 This potato looks like it's trying to escape itself

Source: Moonri

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