People Are Posting The Funniest Photobomb Their Pets Have Caused, And They Are Hilarious!

Our pets are naturally cute, witty, and hilarious, but they are mischievous at times. They can mess your house up, destroy everything, and even rudely interrupt your work. For example, when you want to take a great picture of family or a selfie, your curious pets try to ruin them.
Photobombs are always a reason to make fun of your friends, especially when it is caused by an animal. That's the reason why many pet owners are sharing the funniest photobomb of their pets on social media. They hope that these pics will make everyone happy during difficult times.
Here are 20 photos that we collected and would like to show you. Scroll down to check out! No matter how sad or down you feel, this collection is guaranteed to cheer you up!

#1 "My friends dog jumped into the shot."

Source: Throat_Butter

#2 The cats like: "i hate you soooooooooooooo much right now"

Source: dailymail

#3 Cat: "Here's mah butt...praise it...adore it....worship it!!"

Source: Unknown

#4 Watson wants to join the party

Source: Yvette Webster


Source: Pinterest

#6 They leave me out of everything...

Source: animalphotobombs.tumblr

#7 Weinerbomb

Source: Millar

#8 "Taking a selfie... Didn't see dixi in the background until i looked. Loving the "I can touch my nose with my tongue" face."

Source: Amy Smith

#9 Drunk

Source: johnnyvoicu74

#10 "Hey! That was supposed to be MY picture."

Source: Timmerdebim

#11 "I was trying to get a pic of my st patrick’s outfit."

Source: Meh

#12 "Does my butt smell like cat-nip?"

Source: Imgur

#13 Expectation and reality of taking a photo with a cat in the house.

Source: Roxy Storm

#14 Which is the photobomber?

Source: Caitlin McCulloch

#15 Dog: "Y u no put me in picture???!!!"

Source: Abby Bezuidenhout

#16 "I needed to go out... Thanks kid."

Source: Tina Griffin

#17 Toothless?

Source: Timon Márky

#18 The cat in the back is like: Hey get the fu*k of my picture!

Source: bebop1007

#19 Weinerbomb

Source: Maureen Hall

#20 "Hello! Leave that stupid camera and come feed me!"

Source: Pinterest

If you've ever had one of your funny photos rudely ruined by an animal photobomber, please share them with us in the comments below!
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