20 Terrible School Designs Spotted And Shared By Students

Even when you do not like school, you hate it gut because of strict teachers, stressful lessons, piles of homework, you still have to go to school. But it does not stop there. Sometimes you have to deal with other boring things. Crappy designs, for example.
A good design means that it makes the executed product useful and can satisfy certain criteria, not only functional but also aesthetic. However, it’s not rare seeing thoughtless toilet placements or ridiculous design fails in many schools, from primary schools to higher education institutions. And of course, these mistakes, even the smallest ones, can never slip through students’ eyes.
Scroll down till the end of this post to check out some of the most terrible designs spotted by students in their schools. Some of these fails are honestly unacceptable. Maybe their designers should go back to school to learn again.

#1 This is the place where every hallway intersects

Source: LuigiSaysKachow

#2 Words inspiring

Source: Molcomb

#3 New projector installation

Source: Triomat

#4 Why don't move it down?

Source: alonelybagel

#5 Extreme entrance to the school gym

Source: Angelic_Phoenix

#6 My school has this mini-park inside it but no one can get inside

Source: KarlRex12

#7 School locker can't even fit a backpack

Source: zucclivan

#8 It hurts my eyes

Source: Domesniper

#9 A fantastic fan

Source: Kokudko

#10 Mirror in the men's bathroom

Source: Mexishould

#11 Epic fail

Source: raynehk14



#13 School quote

Source: Windows_10_Faggot

#14 His new locker has a huge pipe running through it

Source: Time2DoStuffCiaran

#15 Red is supposed to represent the freshmen

Source: oofIV

#16 Speechless

Source: Man_Flute

#17 This bus ad


#18 Interesting sticker from fine arts department

Source: Hey_Look_Whats_That

#19 This school looks more like a prison

Source: pixelguymm

#20 New statue at a catholic school

Source: Carmineld91

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