20 Times People Caused Funny Laundry Accidents

Doing laundry is a chore that we have to do every day. Washing by hands or using the washing machine, it’s up to you. It’s actually not very difficult or time-consuming, but sometimes it does not go very well. You may end up losing your favorite clothes. You have some sheets of tissue paper in your pocket but forget to take them out. Or your mom accidentally put your “dry clean only” shirt into the machine, and the result is you can never wear it again.
Have you ever caused a laundry accident? That’s not a very big deal. You just need to pay more attention to the process. Check out your pockets carefully and classify your clothes properly before washing them. Here we’ve rounded up 20 photos of laundry failures to spice up your day. Do you see yourself in any of these situations? Scroll down to check.

#1 Is that nappy?

Source: kak-47

#2 When shoes don’t survive the washing machine

Source: exiled.urbanite

#3 Goodbye my warm pillow

Source: BlackDeathZombieSwede

#4 It's a sad story

Source: ~ Silence ~

#5 Shrunk sweater

Source: kirsty_brucestudio

#6 Nice crop top

Source: humbletip

#7 A box of nails with the laundry

Source: rebbylee_rn

#8 Never put your leather gloves in the washing machine

Source: gene100001

#9 It became a cute tiny hat

Source: easycookes

#10 Did a load of laundry with an entire box of Kleenex in it

Source: momo_coco_xoxo

#11 You did not do well


#12 Someone lost their phone

Source: deadflow3r

#13 "Washing machine and Dryer safe"

Source: Ddoge_YT

#14 When you put too much soap in the washing machine

Source: savvygirlfriend

#15 Poor this turtleneck

Source: marthashoover

#16 Check out your pockets before doing the laundry

Source: nathaliamusica

#17 The washing machine took a little walk

Source: Hhelterskelter

#18 "Dry clean only"

Source: deannatvnews

#19 Laundry time

Source: virpat

#20 Two rolls of toilet paper fell off the top of the fridge and into the washing machine

Source: brbimjumping

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