18 Of The Funniest Notes That Parents Left For Their Kids

If you are a parent, you’ll know the happiness and also the stress of having kids. At times, your kids may be obedient like angels but more often than not they are truly little devils. They don’t eat their lunch, don’t clean up their messy rooms, leave the dishes to pile up after dinners, and other annoying odds and ends that drive you insane and make you like to yell at them for the whole day. But you know screaming is not a good idea to deal with the kids. Being anger cannot solve any problem but it may take a turn for the worse. So finding another way like leaving a funny message reminding or instructing your children to do the right things seems to be the best.

Below is the list of hilarious notes that parents left for their kids that we’ve collected for you to brighten up your day. These funny letters from mom and amusing messages from dad will surely make your lips turn into a smile. They really have a good sense of humor. Let’s check!

#1 If you mess it up...


#2 This dad has a great sense of humor

Source: Iunderstoodthatreference

#3 I will find you... and I will disconnect you

Source: ujustreadmyusername

#4 His dad leaves misspelled notes, and he leaves replies

Source: Tikistand

#5 My daughters said she was too old for notes in her lunch - my reply and win

Source: Michellehas2ls

#6 When dad tried to borrow toothpaste

Source: RaptorCat1

#7 A heartwarming note from mom

Source: mollifer

#8 My mom stole my alcohol last week

Source: mouschi

#9 Dad is "so weird"

Source: skryb

#10 We woke up at 10:06 this morning!

Source: queen_of_the_koopas

#11 ... It's OK


#12 Cute response

Source: Ipostbothways

#13 Mom left this for daughter in the car

Source: MangroveBear

#14 Maybe a long talk

Source: tricky3737

#15 LOL

Source: chelseadamnit

#16 Me and my mom are both atheists, but she left me this note this morning...

Source: RaccoonYetiKiwi

#17 It's poetic!

Source: herecomesthedrums

#18 Note my mom left for me on ASOS

Source: RenegadeMushroomMar

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