18 Funny Roller Coaster Pics That You Can't Hold Back Your Laughter

Roller coasters are not for everyone, but those who love enjoying the speed and strong feelings won’t ignore them. Some people love it because of the sensation of fear, such as heart pounding, fast breathing, like watching a horror movie. So it’s fair to say that it’s kind of fun (or so much fun if you like it). And one thing that’s not less interesting than the roller coaster itself is roller coaster pics. Some are taken accidentally, but some are pre-planed. Whatever, those people just want to make their roller coaster ride more special, leaving unforgettable memories for them to look back afterward.
In this post, we have piled up 18 hilarious roller coaster photos for you to enjoy. The facial expressions that vary from excited to absolutely terrified bring us many big laughs. Have you ever had any memorable moments with roller coasters like the people in these pics below? Scroll down to check.

#1 Laugh so hard at these faces

Source: Marcos267

#2 It’ll be a good experience. They said

Source: TheEpicWaffleOC

#3 He will never forget this photo

Source: Bombingofdresden

#4 First roller coaster

Source: fullmetalagent

#5 Her face, lol

Source: Blackthorne519

#6 Nooo

Source: wilymon

#7 Oh little girl

Source: FredWampy

#8 Careful preparations

Source: titsforfuck

#9 Tell me about you

Source: Thadav3

#10 Somebody's having a dandy time

Source: a_damn

#11 Horsing around?

Source: Tangboy

#12 Excitement, fear, nausea

Source: arasita

#13 This photo is wild

Source: drewlefever

#14 Hmmm

Source: AlphaVortex03

#15 A new way to propose

Source: doug3465

#16 Keep calm

Source: whatthehelpp

#17 They're pretending to be boy guards

Source: gingershminger

#18 He lost his keys

Source: Bitterbal95

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