10+ Funny Memes From Astrology World That Will Cheer You Up

For people who believe in astrology and horoscopes, there is nothing better than looking at memes and reading posts about them on social media. Astrology allows everyone know what the future holds for them based on the calculations of their planetary positions. It can even reveal our character, guide our future and show us which are our most compatible signs.
And now, for your constellation-loving delight, we collected some funny astrology memes to share with you. Even if you're a non-believer, these memes from the astrology world will make your day! We are sure that you can find really funny and thoughtful memes in this post. Share them with your friends and family members!

#1 Scared Hamster with Zodiac

Source: KnowYourMeme

#2 Libras have a reputation for being painfully indecisive.

Source: thatssolibra

#3 Living and Learning

Source: gemini.sensitivity

#4 Messi funny face and a Zodiac Meme

Source: Unknown

#5 Two Types

Source: bestzodiacs7

#6 “This is SO accurate,” one person wrote.

Source: tarotreaderpeter

#7 Open up and let people who want to love you in, okay? We love you!

Source: trashbag_astrology

#8 This could be useful in so many unrelated situations.

Source: Bored Panda


Source: notallgeminis

#10 "Listen I'm a leo and trying my best."

Source: astrowonders

#11 Be nice to you!

Source: astrowonders

#12 Horascope: You' re living right now, right!

Source: coloradoboomin

#13 This picture ruined Elmo's career.

Source: bitch.rising

#14 Look at this mess!

Source: thewaveandtheocean

#15 Already Forgot

Source: jakesastrology

#16 Keep on the sunny side, folks!

Source: jakesastrology

#17 People born under Libra and Aquarius are masters of deflection.

Source: rudeastrology

#18 - Hey Ron. - Hey Billy.

Source: bitch.rising

#19 You can't escape MUAHAHAHA

Source: jakesastrology

#20 Where and how is pennywise born?

Source: badastromemes

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