32 Weird Pics That'll Make You Think

Life is full of crazy, odd, and unexpected things. If you pay enough attention to everything around you, you will realize how wonderful and interesting life is. There are many weird things waiting for you to explore. And in this article, we are going to show you 32 weird pics we have stumbled upon online. From a hand with only four figures to a snow-covered mushroom tree, these photos will make you think and laugh at the same time.
All of these weird pics are from the r/Weird subreddit. This online community is home to nearly 800,000 people who constantly share the weird, strange, odd, and bizarre. If you spot any odd things, please share pictures of them with other people in this group.

#1. My hand after a shower

Source: TX_Sized10-4

#2. This Porsche looks like it had an allergic reaction


#3. Identical twin brothers Josh and Jeremy married identical twin sisters Brittany and Briana

Source: j3ffr33d0m

Both couples gave birth to male babies at the same time. Although technically they are cousins, children are genetically brothers. It gets weirder: both families live together in the same house.

#4. Is that Mark Zuckerberg on the left?? Picture from a house music event in early 2000s

Source: Reddit-Oz

#5. Snow covered mushroom tree

Source: CrisperKoleslaw

#6. Actual Pastafarian at Santa Monica (California) DMV

Source: zionbwoy6

#7. What is this?

Source: This_Isnt_Justified

#8. What does this sign even mean?

Source: Nat20SneakAttack

#9. When you just have to dance and no one gets you

Source: sid_not_vicious

#10. The school I go to puts cameras in the girls' bathroom. What should I say?

Source: Dragathorp

#11. Recognized as the world's most identical twins, Anna and Lucy. They share the same boyfriend called Ben

Source: LifeisALove

The twins insist there is no jealousy in their relationship and they would kiss Ben one after the other.

#12. People are starting to get "bridge piercings" on their noses so they can have frameless glasses

Source: j3ffr33d0m

#13. There is a door in the ceiling of our school

Source: House_turtles

No one knows where it goes (including teachers and janitors), and no one has ever used it. It mysteriously opened a few days ago, and no one knows how. You can’t see anything in it, it’s just darkness. No one has an explanation. Our school is 98 years old.

#14. Number 2 appeared on my wrist and I don't know how it got there

Source: EliaDugato

It's probably a dumb reason and just a coincidence, but I'd love to hear theories about it.

#15. Found this in a discord server, any guesses on what it is?

Weird PicturesSource: TheFrothyMan96024

#16. That mom probably should've given her the airsoft

Source: jonmpls

#17. Coincidence, or a warning?

Source: Thomas_Brunkle

#18. Just some rust, keep scrolling

Source: Antelope-Feisty

#19. Don’t know what to title this

Weird PicturesSource: bbysukichan

#20. These handcuffs I found on my sofa I just bought

Weird PicturesSource: aLLcAPSiNVERSED

#21. OK

Weird PicturesSource: iamconfused14

#22. Something tells me I should find something else to eat

Weird PicturesSource: championboy14

#23. Photo from a Soviet demonstration, the late 1920s. Context unknown

Weird PicturesSource: RedditUserOfAmerica

#24. Pipes burst underneath Basketball Court

Weird PicturesSource: BigfootDynamite

#25. The hand of a young Orangotan

Weird PicturesSource: teem0m0

#26. A woman who says she fell in love with and married a ragdoll her mother made for her says she has now got a baby with him

Weird Pictures Source: LifeisALove

She said they fell in love and she fell pregnant. She even claimed the put on 4lbs during her pregnancy.

#27. Big eye Grendalier, they live deep down near the sea floor

Weird Pictures Source: Sea_Land_1944

#28. A tree I parked in front of looks like it has eyes

Weird Pictures Source: Snivern

#29. Strange plant formation in my city

Weird Pictures Source: Adrianthrax

#30. Stairs

Weird Pictures Source: Awkward_Buddy7350

#31. Fire Fighters give a priority to certain people during a fire

Weird Pictures Source: keith2301

#32. Horse in a horse

Weird Pictures Source: CrisperKoleslaw

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