12 Memes Showing How Zodiac Signs Express Themselves On The First Date

What will zodiac signs look on their first date? Surely, this question might arouse the curiosity of many people. With distinct personalities, each sign may leave a very different impression.
Most of us may feel nervous and stressed on the first date, especially when we don't know whether or not the date happens as expected. It will be great if everything goes the way you want. If not, your first date will be a nightmare. Therefore, if you predict what can happen on your first date with the zodiac signs, you will be in tune with them. Surely, your date will be more enjoyable.
Are you curious about how zodiac signs express themselves on their first date? Keep scrolling! These memes are funny but true. For twelve zodiac signs, they will make them say "OMG. It's me". Moreover, you may laugh out loud when seeing these hilarious and lovely moments.

#1. Aries: Wedding now? It's ok :v

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#2. Taurus: Which school? House number? Like me or love me?

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#3. What???

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#4. Cancer: Please, don't look at me like that :)
Because...I like it so much

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#5. You Ugly, You You You You Ugly!...It means I liked you ._.

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#6. Not today...I need to finish my homework. LOL!

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#7. Libra: OMG...You're here

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#8. I don't know why I'm here but stop

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#9. Someone: I don't like you
Pisces: Good :)

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#10. Virgo: Oh, not today, not today

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#11. You're nothing

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#12. Stop, stop, stop...I'm talking

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