20 Hilarious Memes That Anyone Who Works In IT Will Relate To

If you wonder how it is like to work in IT careers, they will tell you that you must have the patience to a new level to do this job. You will be tired of annoying customers, have to deal with constant computer frustrations, fix a database system destroyed by a stupid coworker, etc. One day you come to the office and think that it will be a nice day until one of those mentioned things happen and ruin your day in a blink of an eye.
With that said, you may think it is definitely a stressful job. Yes, it is. But IT experts know how to overcome their nerve-racking days at work. Sometimes, a little humor is the best way. And, of course, funny memes can help.
Members of the subreddit r/iiiiiiitttttttttttt are sharing IT-related memes with the community, and they are so hilarious. Even if you are not an IT expert, you will be cracked up by these.

#1. "The Truth Comes Out"

Image source: boydskywalker

#2. "Seriously, Every Time"

Image source: Icey96

#3. "Jack Of All Trades"

Image source: khublakhanquest

#4. "Working In It Isn’t Stressful"

Image source: -heftyheftyhefty

#5. "The Epic Job…"

Image source: blackbird9820

#6. "Every Damn Day"

Image source: rhotoscopic

#7. "This Hits Home"

Image source: RudestBuddhist

#8. "Faculty With 2 Masters Degrees And A Phd: “My Speakers Wont Work And I Am Giving A Very Important Presentation Right Now. Need This Fixed Asap” ……. Me: (Drives 20 Miles) “Ma’am, The Green Plug Goes In The Green Hole” …… Faculty: ” I Have Worked Here For 20 Years, When Did They Change That?”"

Image source: Chubby_Death

#9. "My Co-Worker Decided He Wanted A Standing Desk"

Image source: tsaven

#10. "Shhhhhhh"

Image source: Littleboof18

#11. "Insecurity"

Image source: bucherman7

#12. "Its Really Not Hard"

Image source: NRG_Factor

#13. "Can You Help Me Get The Files Of This USB?" Get Handed One Of These

Image source: speddie23

#14. "One Day Son, All This Will Be Yours!"

Image source: msf2115

#15. "Soooo Complicated…."

Image source: Fn00rd

#16. "Thank God"

Image source: FencePanel

#17. "Error: Low Toner"

Image source: pablogaruda

#18. "Yes, This Was A Real Ticket I Just Closed"

Image source: hurleyind

#19. "Well, Only Partially True"

Image source: pablogaruda

#20. "I Need A 6-Month Vacation, Twice A Year, Far Away From Society…"

Image source: Sgt-Skunthole

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