Some Of The Most Ridiculous Restroom Designs That Nobody Can Get The Point Of Them

It is for sure that nobody of us would like to use public restrooms. We only feel relaxed going to the toilet of our own house. But on occasions, we just have no choice. When it comes to public bathrooms, most people’s experience is unpleasing, even embarrassing or terrifying. The reason that makes almost all bathrooms become nightmares is they are designed poorly and questionably in the first place. Some designers manage to screw it up by creating ridiculous designs that no one on earth can even get the point of them.
Let’s have a look at some of the worst bathroom designs in the collection below, and you will see how terrible some bathroom designs out there can be. But actually, these will probably crack you up in some ways.

#1. A Perfect Slide

Image source: batataqw89

#2. Bathroom Stall In A D.C. Bathroom

Image source: barrunat

#3. This Bathroom Is Making Me Want To Try Unrealistic Challenges

Image source: isaakwells

#4. Semi-Transparent Bathroom Stall Doors

Image source: -Firgun-

#5. Another Guy And I Both Walked In The Bathroom At The Same Time. After Seeing This, He Said "This Isn't Going To Happen" And He Walked Out

Image source: IAmDrinkingIcedTea

#6. For A Skinny Ass

Image source: prongs995

#7. Bathroom Mirror At A Bar In Italy

Image source: lavitaetroppobreve

#8. This Give Me Anxiety

Image source: Jonwyattearp

#9. Attention!

Image source: boobooob

#10. My Arms Are About 7 Feet Long, So This Wasn't An Issue For Me

Image source: Tekki

#11. Peek-A-Poo

Image source:

#12. This Sink Was A Bit... Complicated

Image source: MrGrieves123

#13. A Sink For Ants?

Image source: chichumolay

#14. Toilet In The Meeting Room

Image source: TOPPENKILLE

#15. Don't Stare At Me Like That

Image source: Chester_117

#16. Waiting Area For The Toilet

Image source: badnewsbearnews

#17. Who Did This?!

Image source: Xuhale

#18. When You Play The Sims But Forget To Rotate

Image source: orangejuice1234

#19. The Most Judgmental Bathroom

Image source: goregyle

#20. Not Exactly The Color Pattern For A Bathroom

Image source: bergerNfries

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