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22 Times People Are Too Lazy To Do A Better Job

Not everyone in the world goes to work because of passion. Of course, many people love and are willing to devote all their effort to their job. Meanwhile, some are so lazy to do a better job. They just finish their tasks without reviewing and considering if it meets the requirements.

We all make mistakes, at least every once in a while. We see occupational mishaps here and there, but on occasions, there are silly mistakes that we can’t even understand how they could be approved. People who make those errors probably want to say to the world that “It’s not my job”. Or they just let their mind wandering somewhere during the process. And that leads to many failures that are questionable, but also funny enough to make you burst out a laugh.

That’s why a subreddit named Not My Job was created. It’s the place that’s dedicated to people failing hilariously at their job. The members here frequently share laughable photos of fails on duty they spotted in the wild. We’ve rounded up some of the funniest ones in the collection below. These will definitely crack you up, so just give them a look.

#1. Painter Not Exterminator

Image source: DimitriTooProBro

#2. It’s Important To Follow Safety Protocols

Image source: HertzFrequently

#3. Just Moved Into My New Apartment And Saw This

Image source: anderscandor

#4. Painted The Lines

Image source: Riresurmort

#5. Printed The Sign

Image source: MuzzWave

#6. Rail Installed

Image source: theshrike

#7. So I Put

Image source: ilostmyremote

#8. It’s Not My Job To Dress The Mannequins

Image source: Gregos81

#9. Trained Everyone Up On The Security System, Boss

Image source: techietraveller84

#10. That’s Good To Hear

Image source: InternalEssayz

#11. Made The Error Message

Image source: PainOfClarity

#12. It Took Them A Month

Image source: sandybeach82

#13. Pasted The Poster

Image source: MarryBorger

#14. Got The Un Logo, Boss

Image source: jaquis89

#15. Asked For Extra Cheese…

Image source: OMGLMAOWTF_com

#16. Don’t Take Your Kids Here On Sundays

Image source: anchor373

#17. Door Successfully Installed

Image source: -PygmyElephant-

#18. Installed The Stove

Image source: declancochran

#19. Updated Our Working Hours, Boss

Image source: destinyspie

#20. Care To Elaborate?

Image source: NeitherBandicoot

#21. Finished The Fence

Image source: Noname_Maddox

#22. He Just Wanted A Nice View And Fresh Air

Image source: Wombeard

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