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25 Times People Amusingly Recreate Their Childhood Photos With Siblings

Growing up with siblings is fun. Your feeling towards your brothers and sisters change promptly from love to hate and vice versa every moment during the day. You might hate their gut for whatever reason at that time. But one day, when you’re all grown up, you sometimes may want to have a magic door to go back in time. To have precious moments of bickering, teasing, annoying, or fighting against one another to get the larger slice of pizza.

We, however, are well aware that we can never travel back to the past. So some people come up with an idea to have a chance to be kids again. They recreate their childhood photos of them and their siblings. The awkward, silly postures and various facial expressions are revived perfectly in their new pics, after years. By these amusing recreations, we can see that how strong the family bond is. And how wonderful to have unforgettable memories with our loved siblings.

We have compiled some of the most interesting childhood photo recreations in the list below. Take time to enjoy.

#1. “Because Even 8 Years Later… We’re Still The Same”

Image source: Ryen Stone

#2. “10 Years Apart”

Image source: DirtyDrummer

#3. “19 Years Later!”

Image source: walkertexasranger06

#4. “Four Brothers, Then  And Now”

Image source: SomeChickOnImgurWhoLovesBacon

#5. “Recreation Of Childhood Photo”

Image source: iFa*tWheniLaugh

#6. Good Effort With The Box

Image source: imgur.com

#7. “It’s Unexplainable How Much Effort And Commitment Went Into This Photo Remake Of Me And Brother”

Image source: tyrol13

#8. “20+ Years Later We Are Still A Bunch Of Dirty Boys”

Image source: MisterOn

#9. And The Shortest One Is The Tallest Now

Image source: Imgur.com

#10. Nice

Image source: bonebowl

#11. “11 Years Later: Burger King Still Sucks And Only Friends Are Fucking Weird”

Image source: ScootaBoy93

#12. “For Our Father’s Birthday, We Tried To Take The Same Picture 20 Years Later. We Grew Up A Bit”

Image source: pbugnot

#13. “Brother And Sister, Then And Now”

Image source: sparta6

#14. “Made My Mom Laugh More Than I’ve Seen (18 Years Later Re-Creation)”

Image source: Claybotron

#15. “Me, My Brother And Two Cousins”

Image source: PacificFrim

#16. “Showering Siblings”

Image source: woodyj

#17. “We Did That Thing”

Image source: bonebowl

#18. “Old Family Photos: Fall Leaves Edition. 2016 vs. ~1981”

Image source: Hayley GF

#19. “We Took The Same Christmas Photo 18 Years Later! I’m The Lamb”

Image source: WheatSheepOre

#20. “16 Years Later!”

Image source: ahmedillo

#21. “My Brother And I, 15 Years Apart”

Image source: Uerwol

#22. Recreation

Image source: bonebowl

#23. “Re-took This Picture On NYE With My Little Brother And His Dog, 11 Years Later”

Image source: Imgur

#24. “For My Mum’s Birthday, My Brother And I Recreated Our Childhood Photo As Fully Grown Adults”

Image source: ThatsGoldJerry_Gold

#25. “Then And Now”

Image source: Maine Mendoza

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