20 Creepy Designs That Can Be Called Night Terrors

We all agree that there are good designs and also bad ones. Not every designer did a good job at their work. However, some designers really go a little too far (or actually far enough) when managing to bring their weird ideas to life. Then, they end up creating hilariously bad designs that some of them “deserve” to be call nightmares. Well, we appreciate all the creative works, but there is a papery line between a pleasing design and a creepy one.
Bad designs, to be honest, can become a great source of Entertainment. Sometimes, they look so silly that people can’t help giggling. And the subreddit r/Creepy Design is the exact place where you can find the worst and most hilarious designs. The members here constantly submit pictures of epic design fails to the community, and today we’ve collected some of the creepiest ones in the following list. Scroll down to enjoy.

#1. Why Did They Give It Teeth?

Image source: tone_deaf_bard_

#2. Reddy Kilowatt

Image source: jeffmartin48

#3. In A Hotel And Was Going To The Bathroom, Took A Wrong. This Chair Was Sitting In A Corner

Image source: Prekkan

#4. Terrifying Faces

Image source: scottriddochmusic

#5. Brush Your Teeth Kids

Image source: whiskeyballs

#6. This Can End People’s Dream’s


#7. An Ice Cream Parlor Mascot In Southern France

Image source: OnlyUnoMan

#8. Mickey Mouse Gas Mask From WWII

Image source: ltsMuuri

#9. Dora With Back Removed

Image source: SeamoSto

#10. A Night Light That Keeps You Awake

Image source: howardkinsd

#11. This Is Something…

Image source: Mr_Jayden_Clark

#12. Muscle Man

Image source:

#13. Rose-Themed Bedspread

Image source: supermariofunshine

#14. Halloween Costumes In 1930

Image source: pixie_shroom

#15. No

Image source: This_Chaotic_Life

#16. I Got You

Image source: Exotic-Bandicoot-888

#17. I Don’t Need To Shower Today

Image source: Piano1987

#18. Tubers Of Terror

Image source: zeethreepeeo

#19. Children’s Museum

Image source: Souper_Troll

#20. Santa With Big Eyes

Image source: Geigudr

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