Having One Job But These People Still Manage To Screw It Up

It’s uneasy to get a job, and it will be harder to do your job well all the time. Well, we all make mistakes, at least every now and then. As long as such faults are acceptable so we can make it better next time. But on occasions, there are mistakes that silly and bad enough to be shamed. People who made those have one job, yet they still managed to screw it up in one way or another. They were just so careless to review their works, and then they dropped the ball.
A subreddit named r/onejob is documenting photos of funny occupation mishaps that people have come across here and there, and we have a big source of Entertainment. In some situations, we really can’t get why these products with such ridiculous errors can be approved to be visible to the public. Check out some of the funniest pics in the collection below.

#1. Visible Confusion

Image source: SmugHatKid12

#2. Mermaids Have Butts

Image source: PieCreeper

#3. Posted The Sign

Image source: FurryAndWeird

#4. Fine

Image source: ShrektheGodabove

#5. To Fend Off Covid

Image source: Fatbender11315

#6. Someone Must Struggle So Hard

Image source: ItsyBitsyStumblebum

#7. So Confused

Image source: ShrektheGodabove

#8. No, That’s An Avocado

Image source: Kazzook

#9. This Year Has Sucked, But C’mon…

Image source: skibum267

#10. They Just Love Biking So Much

Image source: tuokcalbmai

#11. Elmo Has Eyes On The Back Of His Head

Image source: Newbo91

#12. It’s Still Good To This Day

Image source: cope413

#13. Education

Image source: medoss2005

#14. Kitkat Or A Bar Of Chocolate?

Image source: lilosaurus_flex

#15. Ordered A Precision Screwdriver And Got Delivered Like This

Image source: Crusader_al

#16. One Space Was All It Was Needed

Image source: MGSBlackHawk

#17. That’s A Tall Girl

Image source: thompson743

#18. Scohol

Image source: jaydon_epic_man

#19. I Feel So Safe

Image source: nimernith

#20. No Chew

Image source: CandySunset27

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