31 Bittersweet Memes That All Graphic Designers Can Laugh At and Then Cry To

Do you have a creative block? Or are you bored and struggling with an already behind-scheduled project? Then let's get your creative juices flowing and uplift your mood by taking a quick look at these bittersweet graphic design memes. They are some of the most humorous memes that every photoshop or illustrator lover will appreciate! We are confident that these memes will make the graphic designers' community roll on the floor laughing and curl up into a ball and crying. If not, we hope these can at least help you break through a creative block or brighten up your day!
From bizarre consumer requests to difficulties while designing, the memes below will get you covered. So get ready to laugh out loud and possibly question your career choice by checking these bittersweet memes out! If you enjoy our list, please leave a like and share it with your graphic designer friends!


Source: Advertising World

2. NO!

Source: Pinterest

3. Well...

Source: imgflip

4. Desperate times calls for desperate needs

Source: knowyourmeme

5. The intense side-eyes

Source: swatic12

6. The big, the bad, and the meh:

Source: graphilink

7. All the time!

Source: 9GAG

8. $50 client vs $5000

Source: Linkedin

9. Canva is the only one missing in here

Source: madebyYash

10. And they wonder why I and my computer have a meltdown every now and then

Source: Phillypilot777

11. "I like men who take big risks"

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12. Go Elon!! Go!!

Source: elonmusk


Source: knowyourmeme

14. Screen size

Source: ryandisdier

15. I am a clown, you're a clown...

Source: fanpop

16. I don't want a house, Dad! I have my own path

Source: ESLCS

17. We start doing 'em young

Source: digitalsynopsis

18. Brief vs. budget:

Source: theslicedpan

19. The fonts are always better on the other side, ya know

Source: imgflip

20. "Now come with clothes"

Source: SouL_3224

21. LOL

Source: MeMe-God-7

22. Of course, I constantly work under pressure of around 1013.25hPa

Source: ImVeryPogYes

23. 100% true story

Source: markdalgleish

24. She is the ONE

Source: Pinterest

25. The accuracy is 10/10

Source: CruiseMemes

26. I refuse to keep our convo any longer

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27. Fair enough

Source: digitalsynopsis

28. The audacity

Source: MythicalMountain

29. Salut my guy!

Source: gq

30. And also the last

Source: digitalsynopsis

31. "Of course, you can decorate! Feel free to use either a black or charcoal mouse pad"

Source: _RobertSchultz

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