Warning Signs That Are Not Only Straightforward But Also Very Funny

Warning signs play an important role in reminding people to be careful before doing something. We come across many types of threatening signs out there - in the zoos, in the streets, in the construction sites, and everywhere. But despite the vivid existence of those signs, many people are still so careless or they just stupidly belittle their own safety. That leads to many unforeseen consequences.
Thus, to make the warnings more “powerful”, some people decide to install frank threatening signs instead of basic ones. They would say something that makes readers directly get what will truly happen to them if they break the rules. And those are not only effective in numerous situations but also tremendously funny. Just scroll down to check!

#1. Let's Guess

Image source: Paul Smith

#2. "Gotta Be Bold To Urinate In Public In Tirana, Albania"

Image source: LittleCrumb

#3. "Corn Maze Sign"

Image source: shidanesayo

#4. "Presenting Exhibit A"

Image source: phitter72

#5. "This Sign"

Image source: dontwantyourtitpm

#6. "Nope"

Image source: unfamiliar-ceiling

#7. "This Sign At My Uncles House"

Image source: nateair

#8. "It’s Only Fair"

Image source: domeafavour97

#9. Good Advice

Image source: Unknown

#10. "Sign At An Irish Zoo"

Image source: OctopussSevenTwo

#11. "Crocodile Enclosure At Sydney Aquarium"

Image source: ReginaldHardwick

#12. You See?

Image source: tripadvisor

#13. "Ummm… Okay?"

Image source: ledromire

#14. "At A Nearby Wolf Sanctuary"

Image source: Gymnos84

#15. "Public Service Announcement To All Kids"

Image source: vampedvixen

#16. "Found This Gem At A Local Bulk Foods Store"

Image source: OnsetOfMSet

#17. "Trust Me, I Won’t"

Image source: Svensit

#18. "Just Another Day In Alaska"

Image source: electronicthesarus

#19. "Texas, Home Of The World’s Scariest Sign"

Image source: RCViking44

#20. "No Worries, 3 Layers Of Glass Still Remain To Protect You From The King Of The Jungle"

Image source: Tails_RulesTheWorld

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