15+ Memes That Will Make Every Libra Say "OMG Me"

The close of the sunny season is marked by the fall equinox and the start of Libra season. It occurs from September 23 until October 22. Because the symbol of Libra is the scale, its season is all about finding ​balance, reflecting on relationships, and making a few changes.
Libra is the seventh sign in the zodiac and is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty. For this reason, those are born under this sign value harmony in all forms and adore a life that looks good. They are known for being intelligent, kind, and always willing to help others. Thanks to these good traits, Libras are loved by many.
Hey Libra, this post is just for you! Even when you belong to other zodiac signs or are a non-believer, you will find something exciting in these memes and even have a good laugh to make your day brighter! Scroll down to see!

#1. Libras are very nice, and sometimes their niceness can be confused for flirting.

Source: diaryofangryblackwomen

#2. This is how Libras apologize

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#3. Libras are prone to FOMO. But they also need to muster up the strength to socialise.


#4. Even though they try to escape their problems, they're always analyzing them.

Source: Astro Poets

#5. On relationships:

Source: fakeasslibra

#6. On Libras ALWAYS ready to lend a helping hand.


#7. They hate fighting and always try to act like the peacemaker.


#8. On planning:

Source: astrologicaltea

#9. Let me get back to you. I need to overthink this through.

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#10. Libras stay avoiding conflict and projecting their faults onto others

Source: astrowonders

#11. On our superiority:

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#12. Like, they HATE conflict and tension.

Source: wtmastrology

#13. On drama:

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#14. Hello friend. Advice le lo.

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#15. Cannot. Say. No.

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#16. The two faces of Libra

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#17. Haters gonna hate. But Libras not gonna confront.

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#18. On boredom:

Source: Twitter: solelunastro

#19. When Libras turn the charm on.

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#20. On being a friend:

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