15 Times Restaurants Made Customers Feel Surprised With The Food They Received

Have you ever ordered food and gotten something that was beyond your expectation? I mean you just ask for a bit extra pepperoni on your pizza but the restaurant gives you a mountain of it. Or you want one more half an egg and you end up receiving a bowl of eggs. That is when the restaurant takes your order word by word then they go a little too far. And the results are just hilarious.
People are sharing pics of times that restaurants make their customers feel so surprised with the delicious compliance they received. It’s just because the food stores understand the orders a bit too literally. Some orders may be a little inconvenient, yet the restaurants never refuse it and just try their best to satisfy their customers.

#1. "A Customer Called Asking If We Were Practicing Social Distancing With Her Sandwiches. I Told Her We Are, But Tbh Guys I’m Running Out Of Space"

Image source: lachary1234

#2. "Extra Tomato"

Image source: FrozenCaveMoose

#3. "Ordered Two Cheese And One Pepperoni. Got One Pepperoni"

Image source: wscanl00

#4. "Extra Limes For My Gin And Tonic"

Image source: emastino

#5. "Friend Ordered Chicken On Her Pizza In Israel. Reasonable Execution"

Image source: Kartarsh

#6. "I Got Another Mac And Cheese Burger. This Time I Asked For “As Much Mac And Cheese As You Can Without Getting Fired.” I Might Not Survive"

Image source: behaigo

#7. "Asked For Extra Pepperoni"

Image source: yayaya6969

#8. "Asked For Extra Cheese"

Image source: xlaaane

#9. "“Can I Get Extra Egg?” In Tokyo, Japan"

Image source: wetnoodle13

#10. "I Asked My Thai Place To Make It So Spicy Someone Would Get In Trouble … They Gave Me This"

Image source: Ralphie25

#11. "I Asked The Lady To Cut My Sandwich Into Three Pieces"

Image source: nglister

#12. "I Mean I Like Mushrooms On Pizza But This Is Too Far!"

Image source: elliottb89

#13. "Just Ordered A 12 Inch Pizza And Meant To Ask For It To Be 10 Inch, I Mistyped And Put 1 Inch…"

Image source: superjam0508

#14. "Ordered 12 Tacos At Jack In The Box At 2am, Drive Thru Person Must’ve Accidentally Put In 12 Twice Because We Were Asked Again How Many We Got At The Window, When We Said Twelve He Just Shrugged And Told Us To Take All Of Them (24). We Deliciously Complied"

Image source: luci73

#15. "“Can I Have Avocado On The Side?”"

Image source: THUNDERGUNxp

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