20 Times People Imitate Famous Brand Products But End Up Creating Ridiculous Knockoffs

We all know that copying other trademarks is a shady tactic and pretty illegal. But this doesn’t stop many companies from imitating others, and usually some famous brands. You want to use luxury products but cheap? And almost nothing can be both cheap and high quality. Some of the companies attempt to be “creative” while copying others but still fail hilariously. It’s the reason why we sometimes come across ridiculous knockoff products out there.
Members of the subreddit named r/CrappyOffBrands are sharing bad knockoffs they’ve ever seen, and they are so funny. “Red Balls” energy drinks, “HaM” socks, “Samsnug” hard drive… these companies absolutely fail to imitate other name brand products, but won’t fail to make you burst out laughing. Let’s check!

#1. "Surprise?"

Image source: manaluuu

#2. "This Is Slightly Disturbing"

Image source: SlaughterheartMagus

#3. "It Just Do"

Image source: talleypiano

#4. "Mm Just What I Want In My Mouth"

Image source: SadSaltShaker55

#5. "Ham Socks. Found On Aliexpress"

Image source: LonelyAche

#6. "My Girlfriend’s Peepi Socks Finally Arrived"

Image source: nizowosa

#7. "Welcome To Pita Hut, May I Take You Order?"

Image source: xoticsssdft

#8. "Found This On Google"

Image source: SpiceBoy737

#9. "This Lipstick I Just Got"

Image source: whatever_together

#10. "Ah Yes The Tfc"

Image source: Antique-Addendum-193

#11. "Collection Of Oreo Knockoffs"

Image source: Tylerak22

#12. "Heroes All In One"

Image source: manaluuu

#13. "Who Lives In A Pineapple Burnt Third Degree!"

Image source: LovenRazuV2

#14. "Whatsapp Perfume"

Image source: VardanVardas

#15. "Customer Handed Me This To Transfer Their Recovered Data…"

Image source: weazelbeater

#16. "Someone Suggested I Post My New Phone Case Here"

Image source: Echeveria1987

#17. "Star World"

Image source: monkman75

#18. "Found Them At My Local Farmer’s Market"

Image source: Phoenix-Rider

#19. "Angry Garfields"

Image source: t0basc0

#20. "Connocting People"

Image source: michaelyyz9

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