Bizarre Vintage Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind

If you ever have read an old cookbook, you will probably find some strange recipes that you may think “Who on Earth can eat this?”. These recipes are often a combination of incompatible ingredients that almost all of us won’t understand why. Did your grandma or an older relative ever cook something so bizarre for your family? If yes, maybe they just created it themselves or followed one of the vintage recipes.
And in case you never have a chance to see it and still wonder how these vintage meals look like, just scroll down till the end of this post. We’ve rounded up some of the weirdest old recipes that members of a Facebook group called Questionable Vintage Recipes are sharing. Believe it or not, some of these are odd enough to make you lose your appetite in no time.

#1. "Why Not Slice The Banana?"

Image source: Nancy Rees

#2. "Some Of These Look Good…"

Image source: Michelle Lynn Ryan

#3. "Not Quite Sure What To Make Of This"

Image source: Joann Cataldo

#4. "A Personal Favorite, Conceptually. From That 70s Ww Recipe Deck"

Image source: Meredith Elliott

#5. "That Might Explain Some Things About The 70s…"

Image source: Reverse Wine Snob

#6. "Anyone Have The Recipe For This One?"

Image source: Van Rose

#7. "Tonight’s Dinner Sorted!"

Image source: Glenn Raymond Hadgkiss

#8. Ewww

Image source: Robin Lee Miracle

#9. "Butter Is Suppery"

Image source: Jason Sachs

#10. "Who Doesn’t Love A Little Whipped Cream With Their Angel Food?"

Image source: Emilie Kovalik

#11. "I’d Eat It"

Image source: Nancy Ann

#12. "Kielbasa Legs! Ahh My Polish Grandmother Would Have Blown Her Cigarette Smoke On This In Absolute Delight"

Image source: Misfit History

#13. "I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Had A Stuffed Party Pickle Slice. Surprised They Didn’t Suggest Putting The Party Pickle Innards On A Saltine!!"

Image source: Linda Lackner Donovan

#14. Questionable

Image source: Bonnie White

#15. "Prawn Stuffed Apples"

Image source: Nancy Rees

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