Embarrassed Raccoon Is Taking The Internet By Storm After Being Rescued By Firefighters

We are sure that you have heard about firefighters saving cats and dogs, but what about a raccoon from a house? Scroll down to read our post today!
Recently, a photo of a raccoon went viral and captured everyone's heart thanks to its cuteness and sweetness. The photo posted by the City of Dalton Fire Department in Georgia shows the raccoon that appeared to be embarrassed after being saved by firefighters. The poor animal got himself into a situation that he needed rescuing from.

Source: City of Dalton Fire Department

The firefighters said the silly raccoon went inside a home in Dalton at night to look for food and snacks. Unfortunately, he couldn't find his way to go out. Thankfully, they came to help the little guy out of the jam.
The City of Dalton Fire Department shared the photo on Facebook with the caption:
"You never know what the day is going to hold when you show up for your shift as a firefighter," the department wrote on Facebook. "Sure, there may be the occasional cat needing to be rescued from a tree, but a raccoon? That's a new one.

"Don't be embarrassed, little guy. We all have those moments."

Source: City of Dalton Fire Department

We were called out to help this guy find his way back out of a house in Dalton Monday night. As you can tell, he was pretty embarrassed about it, but it's really nothing to be ashamed of. We all need a helping hand every now and then."
After helping the raccoon, they safely released the raccoon back into the wild. They hope that he will be less adventurous in his search for snacks from now on.
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