20 Funny Pics Of People Trying To Photograph Their Mirrors For Sale

We see numerous selfies with mirrors these days, and that seems nothing new. However, imagining one day, you want to sell your mirror and need a nice photo of it. How can you take it without including your reflection? You may think it's just easy, but only when you start it out that you realize it's really not.
In this post, we have rounded up some funny pics for you to see how people photograph their mirrors for sale. Some come up with several ways to hide their reflections from the mirror, but they fail hilariously. Some others seemingly take advantage of using their funny reflections as a fresh marketing way. Keep scrolling down the list below.

#1. Mirror selfie

Image source: SilviuMajor

#2. Peek-a-boo

Image source: ShanissaMCFLY

#3. This belly, lol

Image source: BeatPutinArmWreslin

#4. He seems to be happy

Image source: kaitlyntj56

#5. That's a footphoto

Image source: Koheijito

#6. Wedding dress?

Image source: athaliah

#7. Can't see me

Image source: christophlr

#8. Great optical illusion!

Image source: craigslist_mirrors

#9. The vacuum effect

Image source: kaitlyntj56

#10. Can imagine the story behind

Image source: craigslist_mirrors

#11. This is so funny

Image source: craigslistmirrorselfies

#12. Mom is so excited

Image source: jethicakiely

#13. When you don't want your face to be published but...

Image source: madison_spencer

#14. This looks so cool

Image source: msgnomer

#15. Description of the mirror: well made but slightly haunted

Image source: gabideg97

#16. The iPad is upside down

Image source: SilviuMajor

#17. Sad looking pup

Image source: craigslist_mirrors

#18. Hold your breath

Image source: je_nn_aa

#19. Sneak up on the mirror

Image source: ShanissaMCFLY

#20. The lil' feet

Image source: flannel_lirry

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