Zodiac Signs Don't Say "I'm Angry", Here Are What They Do

Anger is just a completely normal, human emotion. Each person has their ways to show it up. While hot-headed like Aries tend to erupt when they get angry, stubborn Virgos's anger comes fast but goes faster. Some other signs don't even say "I'm angry" or "you make me mad", they just do. They directly use expressions and acts to show which levels their anger is. Stare at people who make them angry or refuse to stay in the same room with them for any minute longer - it's so funny when shown in memes.
If you are curious about how zodiac signs express their anger, keep scrolling! These memes are funny but true, lol. They also help you understand a "dark" side of zodiac signs. Also, these memes enable us to look back on our traits when we are angry. Surely, they are not our best versions. Why don't we find another way to deal with it?

#1. See you when I'm in a good mood to talk.

Image source: burgessreggiegu

#2. Sorry!

Image source: fifty_shades_of_zodiacsigns

#3. So angry and aggressive at all the time

Image source: ariesss_zodiac

#4. When something goes wrong during the talk

Image source: leosabitch

#5. Tag a Scorpio, lol:)

Image source: scorpiodirtyx

#6. Is it real?

Image source: capricornideasx

#7. Which stage are you?

Image source: virgo_spirit7

#8. Doescevery Pisces relate?

Image source: piscesloversx

#9. Still don't know what is going on in these people's minds

Image source: leo_sensitivity

#10. "I'm fine and you?"

Image source: librateamm

#11. I should stay angry longer, lol:v

Image source: aqua_life_forever_

#12. Tag a Cancer!

Image source: cancersassy

#13. "I promise I won't get mad. Tell me."

Image source: piscesloversx


Image source: piscesmimesx

#15. It's a fact!!!

Image source: briangabrielgu

#16. This face says it all!

Image source: leo_tingz_xo

#17. Still cute!

Image source: librastuffs

#18. Pretend not to see anything

Image source: thegeminifamily

#19. Relatable?

Image source: cancer_sassy


Image source: pisces_sensitivity

#21. Is it real?

Image source: capricornkingdomx

#22. Try not to laugh at this!

Image source: scorpiozodiacmeme


Image source: aquariusmindx

#24. Is it a fact?

Image source: taurus_consolidate

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