"Me Whenever I See A Hot Guy" Moments Of The Zodiac Signs

Most girls love a hot guy, right? Let's "confess" first, how many girls here consider handsome men as a source of "Oxygen" in their lives? Although each zodiac sign has its "Ideal Model",  there's no denying that all zodiac girls like hot boys. Standing in front of tall and handsome guys, it's rare for a girl to keep her heart calm. However, there's nothing to be shy of, that's normal.
What will happen if a hot guy suddenly appears in front of you? There are three levels to describe the reaction of the zodiac girls, which are:
Level 1: Crazy inside but pretend "I don't care"
Level 2: This love, this love, this for you (continuously flirt)
Level 3: Level max, act directly
So, which level is right for your zodiac signs? Leo reveals the "smitten" nature, Libra and Scorpio race to flirt. For Cancer and Pisces, just can only peek. For more, these memes below will help you realize "what do I look like whenever I see a hot guy?". They certainly crack you up!

#1. You’re doing great

Image source: its_aquarius_thing

#2. Aries: Ahh...He looks at me

Image source: cute-memes

#3. Gemini: You're so hot

Image source: flirt-meme

#4. Cancer: I don't care but I really care

Image source: meme-arsenal

#5. Leo: Let me grab your butt

Image source: memegenerator

#6. Virgo: It's true

Image source: globe-memme

#7. Libra: Baby It’s Hot In Here

Image source: sayingimages

#8. Scorpio: Hey Beautiful

Image source: sayingimages

#9. Sagittarius: So amazing

Image source:

#10. Capricorn: You’re Lookin Tasty Tonight

Image source: sayingimages

#11. Pisces: Ignore him...but he's cute

Image source:

#12. Taurus: He's so hot

Image source: memegenerator

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