30 Weird Warnings And Bizarre Disclaimers That Are Beyond Hilarious

Have you ever encountered funny and weird warnings when walking on the street? You might have seen them because they are everywhere, both in private and public spaces. Sometimes, while I am taking a walk around my neighborhood, I suddenly pause mid-step to read the signs I pass again because they are so weird. If you were me, you would roll on the floor laughing because they are funny as heck.
Fortunately, you can easily find weird warnings without going outdoors thanks to the fantastic Facebook called ‘Warnings and disclaimers that were clearly the result of a lawsuit’. This group is the home to about 135.5K members who constantly dedicate their time to sharing the funniest warning signs they've spotted. I've just compiled a list of the most hilarious ones. Scroll down and check them out for a good laugh.

#1. That's one flexible pole dancer

Source: Ryan Hoch

#2. Yikes

Source: Elissa Gow

#3. Just wait until they give them AI

Source: Mr-Malcolm Anderson

#4. Uh....

Source: Alison Jacobs

#5. Don't wake him up

Source: Warnings and disclaimers that were clearly the result of a lawsuit

#6. Looks like a very convincing prop

Source: Tara Seale

#7. My type of town

Source: Gregg Martin

#8. My brain: yes

Source: Gregg Martin

#9. Such a cool warning

Source: Gregg Martin

#10. This one's strong

Source: Gregg Martin

#11. I want the story of this place lol

Source: Gregg Martin

#12. Sounds like a challange to me

Source: Gregg Martin

#13. From a local restaurant

Source: Kelly Horn

#14. I think trouble has graced the past…

Source: Steven M. Breivogel

#15. I had a blast at the tag office imagining the scenario that might’ve lead to this sign

Source: Amada McClendon

#16. Spotted in CA

Source: John Plunkett

#17. Oh boy

Weird WarningsSource: Jules Hayward

#18. Oh man how dare people have fun, better call the fun police

Weird WarningsSource: John J. Aitchison

#19. "We do not sell them to non-students"

Weird WarningsSource: Enrique Alberto Otanez

#20. Well well well

Weird WarningsSource: Haunted, Old and Beautiful By Amanda APS

#21. Haha

Weird WarningsSource: Ashlea Reuben

#22. Inter planet shuttle coming in a bay two

Weird WarningsSource: Christian Lucas

#23. Omg

Weird WarningsSource: Super Carteles

#24. Well

Weird WarningsSource: Ashlea Reuben

#25. Beach in the north of England. Spotted last summer

Weird WarningsSource: Helen Miller

#26. !!! WARNING !!!

Weird WarningsSource: Атанас Цветков

#27. Posting for the hive mind

Weird WarningsSource: Dave Jay

#28. Wheelchairs are Verboten!

Weird WarningsSource: B.L. Hall

#29. Seen inside a local Subway

Weird WarningsSource: Sam Goodrich

#30. Another found in the wild, when I used to work at the airport

Weird WarningsSource: McKay Payne

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