30 Unsettling Things That No One Wanted To See, As Shared In This Online Group

Have you ever spotted something so uncomfortable that you didn’t even have the words to describe it? If yes, share the picture of it with other people in the subreddit r/TIHI (or Thanks, I Hate It). For those who don't know, this online community is dedicated to identifying, mocking, and celebrating disgusting online stuff. With about 1.7 million members, this group is full of disturbing, thought-provoking, and unsettling things that are also hilarious.
We have compiled a list of 30 unsettling things that no one wanted to see from this group. Take a minute to scroll down and check them out. These images will make you say "Thanks, I hate it?", for sure. The moderators write in the community description that "Haters Gonna Hate," and it appears that they have a point.

#1. "Thanks, I hate accurate mannequins"

Source: FlintTheDad

#2. "Thanks, I hate permanent Cheeto dust"

Source: DimDimio

#3. "Thanks, I hate sleeping like a baby"

Source: julius_pepperwood1

#4. "Thanks, I hate Elon"

Source: DuckWithABoot

#5. "Thanks, I hate English"

Source: 42words

#6. "Thanks, I hate Wellness Geese"

Source: lunercat1

#7. "Thanks, I hate skin dogs"

Source: nekkototoro

#8. "Thanks, I hate this bathroom sign

Source: sirkidd2003

#9. "Thanks, I hate Horizontally Cut Bread"

Source: Qeweyou

#10. "Thanks, I hate custom keyboards"

Source: MrNiceOut

#11. "Thanks, I hate these dice"

Source: animehentaikanker

#12. "Thanks, I hate chin"

Source: VaggieMae

#13. "Thanks, I hate this cursed situation"

Source: LeidbagBaggins

#14. "Thanks, I hate Santa"

Source: noodlemcfoodle

#15. "Thanks, I hate duck with four legs"

Source: wetthing

#16. "Thanks, I hate chicken feet socks"

Source: AristonD

#17. "Thanks, I hate fleshlight Kirby"

Source: masseducation

#18. "Thanks, I hate book murder"

Source: Zee_Ventures

#19. "Thanks I hate Chicago bulls logo"

Source: Pittonecio

#20. "Thanks, I hate thomas the tank engine bed"

Unsettling ThingsSource: TWCXZ

#21. "Thanks, I hate this proposition"

Unsettling ThingsSource:

#22. "Thanks, I hate eels"

Unsettling ThingsSource: Psychological_Fun_99

#23. "Thanks, I hate this Mac n Cheese"

Unsettling ThingsSource: BigOliverNZ

#24. "Thanks, I hate this tradition"

Unsettling ThingsSource: DoctorTurkelton

#25. "Thanks, I hate racial discrimination"

Unsettling ThingsSource: EpicGamer1259

#26. "Thanks, I hate it"

Unsettling ThingsSource: Azul_gf

#27. "Thanks, I hate UPS"

Unsettling ThingsSource:

#28. "Thanks, I hate sneezing doing a CT scan"

Unsettling ThingsSource: babylol13

#29. "Thanks, I hate half shaved cats"

Unsettling ThingsSource: kemidawn

#30. "Thanks, I hate lego Tiger anus"

Unsettling ThingsSource: valeroesq

If this list is not enough to better your day, check out part one here.
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