30 "Ugly Ducklings" Whose Incredible Transformations'll Leave You Hardly Recognizing Them

Do you know the uglyduckling subreddit? Maybe many of you don't know this group. So, let us introduce you to it a little bit. This online group is dedicated to sharing incredible transformations of 'ugly ducklings' into 'butterflies'. If you have changed significantly compared to the past, post your personal before-and-after photos in this subreddit. Basically, you can go there to see other people's stunning transformations from ugly to pretty.
We have compiled a list of 30 pictures of ugly ducklings whose incredible transformations will leave you hardly recognizing them. Now, let's take a minute to scroll down and check out these amazing transformations in the gallery below for yourself. These pictures will blow your mind, for sure. Don't forget to vote for your favorites and to share your transformation story with other people in this group too.

#1. A slight change

Source: jeckbirry

#2. 11 and 30. Braces were good to me

Source: u_bit

#3. 12 and 29. Still with short hair and glasses, some things never change

Source: b_normal_y

#4. From about 11ish(?) to 25. My skin cleared up, I got braces, learned how to make up and fill in my eyebrows. I was made fun of/very lonely growing up, and I feel the way that I looked had a big impact on why I am the way that I am now. “Be Kind”


#5. 16-19 or: How I Learned to Start Shaving and Escape the Neckbeard

Source: ampe_sand

#6. Left 12yo, right 24yo I was told this would fit here

Source: BlackSharkoon

#7. Age 12 to Age 26... still feel a lot like the kid on the left

Source: tylerjkillion

#8. Age 14 to 19. Lost some weight and gained some confidence along the way

Source: BismuthBi

#9. 16-20. Does this count?

Source: DavidEntertains

#10. 12 - 24 Even my family doesn't recognize me these days, it's nice

Source: asionahaya

#11. I was told this belongs here. L-13, R-34


#12. Then: 320 lbs, face always red, angry at dad, ready to die for punk rock. Now: 250 lbs, skin healthier, love my dad, punk rock is pretty ok but being an adult is pretty ok too

Source: vicebjj

#13. Life begins at 40! 25 --> 40

Source: Jbcarter77

#14. 2015 - 2019. Basically, I cleaned myself up and started over!

Source: a_midlo

#15. 13 - 25

Source: Alex_J_Newman

#16. 11 vs 28, lost that baby fat and learned how to smile


#17. Age 17-24, was bullied a lot growing up


#18. From 17 to 18, I don't even know

Source: chrono28

#19. 19 to 20. I would like to thank my dermatologist

Source: ezmi

#20. Age 15 to 21. Lost some weight, it sucks my eyes didn't get bigger

Ugly DucklingsSource: AcuteYellowFever

#21. I didn't peak in highschool lol

Ugly DucklingsSource: BlackDDDynomight

#22. 17-24, went through horrible cystic acne, lost 50 lbs, got braces, and dropped an emotionally abusive boyfriend

Ugly DucklingsSource: meganam38

#23. 4 years later (16-20)

Ugly DucklingsSource: IntrepidCommission

#24. Always felt so geeky in high school. I even went through a period where I wanted to end my life in middle school because of my weight and looks. Now I’m in my 30’s and feeling the most confident I’ve been in my life. Big thanks for the braces and lasik

Ugly DucklingsSource:

#25. 13, 15, 20 and 27 years old

Ugly DucklingsSource: PUSSYFiED

#26. From 18 to 23. A completely different person now

Ugly DucklingsSource: Miss_Keys

#27. Age ~11 to 20 - I owe a lot to contacts, braces, filling in my eyebrows, and my hairline somehow growing forward

Ugly DucklingsSource: MissBrightside13

#28. 10 year different. Ages 13 & 23

Ugly DucklingsSource: caffeinequeenxo

#29. 16 vs 46. Took awhile to get here, lol

Ugly DucklingsSource:

#30. 12-27. Lost a chin, but gained a smile

Ugly DucklingsSource: emergencyx0x

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