30 Times When Kids Were So Smart, Parents Just Had To Post These Images Online

If you follow us, you probably still remember 20 Snappy And funny Test Answers From Smartass Kids That Left Teachers Rolling. In that article, we proved with you guys that kids are so smart. Their brilliant brains always know how to find the best and most creative answers to tough questions. And today, to continue this interesting topic, we are going to share with you the times when kids outsmarted their parents using creative and actually impressive power moves.
These images of smart kids we have collected from the r/madlads subreddit - a preferred corner dedicated to sharing "those bantasaurus rexes who can't be contained." Now, let's scroll down and take a look to see what we mean when we say that these smart kids are surely going far in life. Don't forget to vote for your favs. Share this list with your friends and family if you find it funny.

#1. The dedication of this mad lad nephew

Source: hdpe125

#2. Genius!

Source: sageoftheend

#3. Mad panini lad

Source: Scrodem

#4. Son is a madlad

Source: newphone-who-dis

#5. Madlad kid

Source: farrukhsshah

#6. Madlad in lecture

Source: garbanzoboy

#7. So, my 8yo sister dropped an entire pack of cookies in the car and I told her to clean it all, 15 minutes later and I come back to this

Source: Coldanian

#8. This kid deserves an A for creativity

Source: Jetty_Boy

#9. Power move

Source: Breyze19

#10. 9-year-olds being absolute madlads

Source: RCRZ

#11. Madlad son

Source: Cata_I

#12. My girlfriend writes Santa letters to kids who write Santa a letter. This one kid was very candid with his behavior this year

Source: Hsabes01

#13. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome

Source: mlockwoodporter

#14. Little miss madlass

Source: FederalStalker

#15. She must be an amazing person

Source: MGigger

#16. What a legend

Source: rodblackhurst

#17. Yup

Source: Grimski_The_Reaper

#18. Destroyed


#19. Lmao!

Source: ahhmandah

#20. Hope he didn't get detention

Times Kids Were So SmartSource:

#21. This little mad lad's on a mission

Times Kids Were So SmartSource: GallowBoob

#22. Mad student

Times Kids Were So SmartSource: f0rtunel0wt1er

#23. The Pastafarians are rising!

Times Kids Were So SmartSource: CheeseeKimbap

#24. Absolute madlad

Times Kids Were So SmartSource: the_shrimp_boi

#25. Vax lads

Times Kids Were So SmartSource: eifersucht12a

#26. Hail Hydra, indeed

Times Kids Were So SmartSource: eries23

#27. Absolutely devastated

Times Kids Were So SmartSource:

#28. Mad lad child

Times Kids Were So SmartSource: Standard_Pickle

#29. This lad has zero chill

Times Kids Were So SmartSource: PR3DA7oR

#30. Mad lass

Times Kids Were So SmartSource: BiddleBot300

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