30 Times When Employees Did Something That Made Their Bosses Feel Unhappy

The relationship between employer and employee is something fragile because neither side is aware of the difficulties the other is facing. While the worker may feel pressured to keep his job and have to do all tasks assigned by the boss, the boss wonders if the employee is working to the best of his capacity. Due to there are many conflicts existing in this relationship, this topic is frequently discussed on the Internet. Some sharings are just so hilarious that we decided to share with you guys the funniest moments when bosses feel unhappy because of their employees.
So, we have compiled a list of 30 pictures capturing funny moments when employees did something that made their bosses feel unhappy. Scroll down and take a look. If you have any funny experiences with your bosses, don't hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below.

#1. Walked to work in a thunderstorm, but my boss forgot to tell me we all have today off

Source: Radiskull97

#2. My boss gave me these gloves for ''welding" after my old ones burned, I asked him for new ones...

Source: Loponyt

#3. Dropped 10 pounds of beads on the floor today at work. Boss was not happy

Source: Lazy_James

#4. When you request a wall clock for your office

Source: StaplePaper

#5. Won a bet against my boss nearly a year ago. Came into work to see that he finally paid pennies

Source: thenation7

#6. Boss says build stairs, I build stairs

Bosses Feel UnhappySource: TallestToker

#7. Boss isn’t gonna be happy with that one

Bosses Feel UnhappySource: Billionboiii

#8. My new desk art. Boss wasn't pleased

Bosses Feel UnhappySource: Zyoneatslyons

#9. My boss gave my coworker a new monitor, too. He didn't get caught doing anything, he's just blind as hell

Bosses Feel UnhappySource: Narkolepse

#10. Boss shared this uplifting quote with us today so I hung it at my desk for all to see

Bosses Feel UnhappySource: headexpl0dy

#11. My boss said I had to shave my beard. I changed his mind

Bosses Feel UnhappySource: b-west

#12. My boss would fire me for telling lies

Bosses Feel UnhappySource: TinyOutten

#13. Walked into my boss's office and saw this sign

Bosses Feel UnhappySource: juanito2121

#14. My boss asked me to draw a holiday-themed chalkboard for our Easter Brunch. He wasn't amused

Bosses Weren't HappySource: madzquinn7

#15. Boss told me to clean the old storage room

Bosses Weren't HappySource: MysticWarriorZz_

#16. My calculator broke so my boss got me a new one. I’m a bookkeeper. For people, not ants

Bosses Weren't HappySource: buildabebby

#17. Thanks boss for calling me trash

Bosses Weren't HappySource: Partydoos

#18. Oops, sorry Boss!

Bosses Weren't HappySource: Achoo_Gesundheit

#19. When my boss gave me this for Christmas I was way too excited for a moment. Until I realized...

Bosses Weren't HappySource: actually_good_advice

#20. Don't care what my boss thinks. I'd say today was very productive

Bosses Weren't HappySource: 170lbsApe

#21. My boss and I are in a contest to lose weight. Today is my birthday. This is what he brought me

Bosses Weren't HappySource: beancounter2885

#22. Boss saw my post yesterday... Much better

Bosses Feel UnhappySource: Tanoshikatta

#23. Work wasn't canceled this morning, I sent my boss this pic... She called me right away

Bosses Feel UnhappySource: madeinjapan89

#24. Boss asked for a new tie for Christmas, found it

Bosses Feel UnhappySource: Spangspangalangs

#25. Asked my boss for an iMac, saw this when I came this morning

Bosses Feel UnhappySource: Mor1or

#26. My boss accidentally wore his new shoes to work

Bosses Feel UnhappySource: Cuddlemonster6060

#27. Boss got locked in his office and a section of the wall had to be cut out

Bosses Feel UnhappySource: thowitawaypeese

#28. When your boss demands you stack the water "so it looks nice"

Bosses Feel UnhappySource: Pm__meyourvagina

#29. My boss says that I obviously don't have enough work to do

Bosses Feel UnhappySource: ErikAufDieMeer

#30. That'll be fun to explain to the boss

Bosses Feel UnhappySource: Trumpethero15

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