30 Times Vets Encountered The Most Hilarious, Awkward Cat Names

They say, "Don't name your children names that you don't want your parents to name you!" but weird names never cease to exist. Not only do kids get baffling names, but also pets. Even though animals seem to have no problems with outer-space names their owners gave, something funny is about to happen when they need vet care or services for pets like grooming or pet-sitting.
A new study indicates domestic felines can recognize their own names even if they walk away when they hear them. We don't know exactly why cat parents chose some lame titles for their furbabies. Perhaps it's their unique way of affection. Or maybe those freaky, funny names have obsessed them for so long, but no way people would let them give these to innocent infants, so pets are their only choice.
It's not that vets see strange, cracking-up pet names every day. Still, when they witness some of those, they can't help giggling, capturing, and sharing these moments. Let's see what they have seen!

#1. All hail theLord!

Source: roxxyroxxyroxxy

#2. Love that name.

Source: VaughanFilms

#3. Inspired by the cask of amontillado? Love

Source: grumpy_bisexual

#4. Mrs. Pickles

Source: ARevelsStocks

#5. No senior should be left behind.

Source: BeeSting14618

#6. That’s adorable.

Source: BrittanyMeansIt

#7. Mr. Daisy is such a handsome little fluff!

Source: LouLouNCowboy

#8. They mean Elvis Purrsley.

Source: chartersny

#9. That name is purrfect for him.

Source: patriciaoak

#10. Aww, Brian has a very pretty face!

Source: charlooottee_

#11. Kneel for the Sith Lord!

Source: TheDangoPilot


Source: illy_ilz

#13. Aww a bingus blep

Source: ftmwillgraham

#14. Does he love singing too?

Source: notgross

#15. It’s a purrfect name for a ginger cat.

Source: Hey_KeriAnne

#16. Special Agent in Charge

Source: rae__nee

#17. ... A female version of Larry David?

Source: MeKatedavy

#18. She is SHOCKED by her name.

Source: kylaginelleluck

#19. Now buy a hamster named Cat

Source: TateGutzmerson

#20. " His name is my name too..."

Source: d_poppyseeds

#21. What a cute Chicken.

Source: awkward_19

#22. Absolutely love her and her name!

Source: shush_yo_mouth

#23. All or nothing

Source: AuthorClaireG

#24. ‘We need to neuter The Terrorist’

Source: LucyALloyd

#25. A valentine's nose!

Source: ClareandPresent

#26. A bee??

Source: SuzanneWlaschin

#27. His name kind of rhymes

Source: JellyheadNelly

#28. Smurftastic!

Source: KvnRaptor

#29. Tasty!

Source: punishedmother

#30. Talkative and adorable

Source: sherrisberries

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