20 Times Things End Up Horrendous For These Poor Individuals

You must confess that occasionally we let our confidence get the better of us. You know, like that time you and your friend bet that you could definitely jump over that ditch, but in the end, you ended up landing on your butt and lost $10. Don't worry if you've ever made a mistake you later regretted; you're not the only one.
It appears that there is an entire subreddit devoted to people who participate in silly games and win stupid prizes. It's really hilarious and goes by the name of r/Whatcouldgowrong. Check out some of the craziest "what could go wrong" scenarios in the gallery below.

#1. WCGW rescheduling a french football match just to cater the chinese TV audience

Source: AbatNaBitin

#2. what could go wrong harassing a muslim family

Source: TurtleFriend14

#3. WCGW putting ash into the trash bin

Source: HistoricalSand772

#4. Nissan Rogue driver gets stuck making a turn on a Denver Bike Path foot bridge

Source: ferio252

#5. WCGW locking your dog in the RV

Source: Deloreanfan12

#6. Glued herself to the street with fast-drying concrete.

Source: ccgh20

#7. WCGW breaking a military grade glow stick

Source: Jottie420

#8. WCGW blocking a farmer's gate to save a parking fee?

Source: mitchanium

#9. WCGW putting solar panels near a golf course?

Source: ClunkerSlim

#10. What could go wrong when you hoard

Source: zikovsky

#11. WCGW removing the cones that reserved an area for delivery

Source: pspfreak

#12. If I park in the delivery spot and piss off the delivery crew

Source: LeFlying

#13. Leaving a pillow on top of the cage

Source: ComputerLamp

#14. WCGW by grilling next to your siding?

Source: Splattabox

#15. Using water instead of oil in your engine

Source: Micheiba

#16. WCGW Wearing flip flops to the airport

Source: stupidsexycarver

#17. Sitting down too hard

Source: TheMorbidToaster

#18. What if I decide to let my white dog out after I mow my lawn?

Source: sunshinyanny

#19. Getting into a dog's personal space

Source: TheLegendOfEatingAss

#20. WCGW if my neighbour uses the longest possible drill out there?

Source: p4r4v4n

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