30 Public Designs That Are So Hilariously Dumb That People Had To Shame Them Online

Everyone makes mistakes, but sometimes you simply have to stop and wonder: Who the heck on earth thought that was appropriate? Someone did, and as a result, we may now laugh at it. It turns out that we don't need a degree in design to evaluate other people's work.
Take a look at some of the most dubious design concepts we could locate. Some of these are really careless human blunders, while others truly cause you to doubt both Darwin's theory of evolution and all of humanity.
From the fancy staircase to the hallway intersection, there is plenty to evaluate. Take a peek at our list of the worst interior design blunders by scrolling down below.

#1 This fancy staircase leads directly into a wall

Source: TacticalToots

#2 This is not rust. “It’s the design”

Source: natsamario

#3 The decorations on this hotel restaurant.

Source: Rawrnosaur

#4 Ballroom where everyone downstairs can see up your skirt

Source: crudolph0828

#5 The absolute crap design of my school. This is the place where every hallway intersects

Source: LuigiSaysKachow

#6 This clock at my gynecologist makes me lose my sh*t every time I'm in the waiting room

Source: CupCakeTea

#7 Two windows of my workplace are constantly fighting for the honor of being the one who is going to be opened

Source: ILikeCheeseSandwich

#8 I'm sure this mirror sounded cool in theory...

Source: The_Zamboni

#9 Flat carpet in a hotel in Cologne, Germany. This would be a nightmare after a drunken night

Source: Majoranese

#10 No broken legs I know of

Source: slepsteRwasTaken

#11 Gas station in Nebraska. The station's color scheme was red. They tried to get artsy

Source: aspiecat7

#12 Wonder how many people have sat on this only to realize it's a fountain

Source: defntlynot_clp-e46

#13 Who would recognize this mural as a sun at first glance?

Source: SunBlue

#14 Not a word

Source: skess345

#15 The chairs waiting for you in the LASER EYE CLINIC's reception. Great marketing

Source: SkiFreeSasquatch

#16 I had to stop while ordering food at a local restaurant because I saw this poster

Source: JellyBellyMau

#17 Toilet door with another door in it that won't stay closed

Source: PaulFlynn_

#18 This painting inside a local “fancy” restaurant

Source: hotdogfinatic

#19 This chandelier at a restaurant I ate at bothers me so much

Source: fluffynuff

#21 This poster in my school cafeteria is so badly designed they put arrows so you can read it correctly

Source: abbyggggg

#22 The paint in this public restroom

Source: Xuhale

#23 The lobby of this medical office has an alligator in the floor. Just in case you didn't have any injuries before coming?


#24 Love to Shutterstock see this kind of stuff

Source: mateussgarcia

#25 This new wall art in my office

Source: Bitemarkz

#26 Upon walking in this bathroom at the supermarket I was initially disgusted at the filth and lack of cleanliness until a closer look revealed it was designed this way

Source: jeffy983

#27 This is the logo for a "New York Style" pizza place in Ponce, Puerto Rico

Source: noel-13

#28 I don't know why brown strings are a welcoming wallpaper to this toilet entrance. It just feels gross and unwelcoming. This is a pubic ... I mean public place

Source: Ashflied_Nullmatter

#29 These restroom stalls have translucent doors...

Source: hi_fbi

#30 My bed at a hotel I'm staying in

Source: dosnos

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