30 Times Pets Didn't Hesitate To Show Their Jealousy

It’s not an exaggeration to say that having a pet means that you’re raising a kid. These animals are, no doubt, so lovely, however, they are super childish. Sometimes, our little friends don’t hesitate to act weird to show their jealousy. And even when we all know that our animals do that because they love us and want to be adored, we can’t help but feel funny when seeing their behaviors.
We've gathered envious pet pictures from more than 30 internet users since we think such kinds of situations are very cute. By capturing all of their humorous emotions, these photos will undoubtedly make you grin a lot.

#1. GF And I Were Holding Hands. Then This Happened

Source: u/abilledeaux

#2. Sums Up Their Relationship Pretty Well

Source: u/namanama101

#3. This Is What Stages Of Jealousy Look Like

Source: u/Rawtashk

#4. Tried To Take A Picture Of My Orchid. He Gets Jealous When I Give Anything Else Attention. See How He Lay Right Under The Flowers?

Source: u/MUM2RKG

#5. Jealous Of The New Member Of The Home

Source: u/fatihcik

#6. Went To Take A Picture Of My Puppy, And Captured My Jealous Cat In The Background

Source: u/Missmayo

#7. He Gets Jealous When We Try To Play With His Buddy

Source: u/parentsti

#8. I Was Already Cuddling Joni, Then Nico Got Jealous And Plonked Himself On Top Of Her

Source: u/spome2

#9. My Cat Cat Disapproves Of Human/Dog Love. I Didn't Even Know She Could Do That Face

Source: u/nanatalada

#10. My Niece Picked Her Name, So Meet Kiwi! That's Cruz Down There Jealous He Can't Also Be Carried Around

Source: u/buhfuhkin

#11. Jealous Of The New Member Of The Home

Source: u/Hutlet

#12. Taking Photos Of My 5-Month-Old Baby And Sammy Got Jealous

Source: u/canuchangeusernames

#13. 4 Day Old Baby + A Jealous Cat = Cutest Snuggles

Source: u/catlover3434

#14. Quick Sticks Feeling Very Zen In Her Special Whippet Coat. Please Ignore The Jealous Stares Of The Sausage In The Background

Source: u/Patchspo

#15. Missing Out On The Kisses

Source: u/xSpiderBabyx

#16. Someone is jealous

Source: u/estacaoteimosa878

#17. I Think My Dog Is Jealous Of The Baby

Source: u/Huckleberry_Rogers

#18. Someone Is Jealous Of The Attention My Baby Brother Was Getting

Source: u/defenseman13

#19. I Think My Cats Are A Little Jealous That I Am Outside With The Dog And Not Them

Source: u/livingdeadly

#20. Someone Was Jealous

Source: u/chasinafterhappiness

#21. My Husband Trying To Watch TV Last Night. Wimpy And Buddy Competing For The #1 Spot In The Bed. Guess Who Won

Source: christypawpersians

#22. I Think Someone’s Jealous

Source: u/fiddle_sticks_

#23. Someone Is Jealous

Source: u/wantganja420

#24. Uh-Oh, Looks Like Some Calf Is A Little Jealous Of Emmett Playing With The Rabbit

Source: ctfarmstead

#25. Someone Was Jealous She Wasn't Getting Pats

Source: u/WhenWhereWho

#26. We Got A New Cat. Let's Just Say That The Other One Was Very Jealous

Source: u/sdillon1015

#27. I Am Such A Jealous Cat When It Comes To Time With My Dad Lately

Source: u/sdillon1015

#28. The Cat Went For A Belly Rub. The Dog Got Jealous. Now This Is Happening

Source: andthepetshaveit

#29. Pretty Sure Somebody Is Jealous Of Our New Kitty

Source: u/amojuris

#30. Why Are You Petting Him And Not Me?

Source: Reddit

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