30 Times People Found Hidden Messages Or Something Amusing On Receipts

Have you ever worked in customer service or retail? If your answer is "YES", the odds are good that you've used a cash register while working at least a few times. Frequently, cash registers will freeze with some details about the products, the cost of products, and tax. However, to draw the attention of customers, many retailers, restaurants and shops decided to design their receipts in a funny way. And they succeed.
Many people are sharing hidden messages or something funny they found on receipts on the Internet. We have compiled a list of 30 of the most hilarious ones. Scroll down to check them out for yourself. If you have ever encountered any amusing receipts, don't hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below. Now, let's enjoy a good laugh with us.

#1. Out for Mother's Day brunch today with our one-year-old daughter, when we received our bill

Source: looseONtheGoose

#2. I think I'm going to be a regular here at this restaurant now

Source: bluekum

#3. My restaurant receipt the other day. High 5's were given

Source: stevo351

#4. My Bull Moose receipt has a Pikachu on it

Source: Mikedermott

#5. This receipt my dad found

Source: CoffeeSlutt

#6. SOOO thankful for CVS for giving me this new tie with my Pepsi Zero!!

Source: delege

#7. Got this on the bottom of a receipt today

Source: SuperMcG

#8. I ordered and extra large burrito, this is the label on the receipt

Source: reds2032

#9. My wife bought a plant at Canadian Tire and this was what it showed up as on the receipt

Source: thatdyllanguy

#10. This receipt from a bar reminds you to take your pnone, wallet, and keys

Source: madamfancyfishypantz

#11. I was given the ability to control what gets printed on the receipts at the doughnut shop where I work. This is the first thing I did

Source: buckwheatwaffle

#12. Most receipts just say something like "Have a Nice Day!" or "Thank you for your business"

Source: jcmack13

#13. My local sushi joint adds "Love" onto your bill

Source: pandawannabe

#14. My friend smoked and went to order Steak and Shake, and after laughing at the cashier for 2 minutes, this was on his receipt

Source: XCrunner321

#15. Dear CVS, thank you for giving me a 3 foot long receipt when I bought some TicTacs. It was the inspiration for my Halloween costume

ReceiptsSource: Lord_Nugget

#16. This amusing little quip at the bottom of my favorite comic shops’ receipt

ReceiptsSource: thedailyvinyls

#17. Noticed this on my receipt at the bar yesterday

ReceiptsSource: craq_feind_davis

#18. Found this on my receipt from a Thai restaurant

ReceiptsSource: WhySoStopid

#19. Just had Korean for dinner. Noticed this on the receipt

ReceiptsSource: the_twelfth_dr

#20. I have been using a CVS receipt as a replacement blind for over 9 months

ReceiptsSource: MilkisToxic

#21. My receipt at the local wine bar had a familiar message

ReceiptsSource: Evol_menimE

#22. My receipt was quite dramatic...

ReceiptsSource: Dinosaur_willy

#23. My receipt printer at work randomly sent this robot

ReceiptsSource: seasle123

#24. My Receipt at a Local Burger Joint

ReceiptsSource: LambroLP700-4

#25. Just finished dinner at a super fancy restaurant, this was on the receipt...I guess they are correct!

ReceiptsSource: ocularcrawdad

#26. Free scarves

ReceiptsSource: grdyn

#27. Yo mama joke on receipts

ReceiptsSource: RealJonOC

#28. Our receipt thanked us in broken Spanish

ReceiptsSource: sqexe

#29. My receipt wanted to be festive

ReceiptsSource: MrHookup

#30. The note on this car was receipt

ReceiptsSource: gordopotato

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