30 Times People Decided To Compare Things And Left Us In Awe

Comparing things is really fun, isn't it? When a thing stands by itself, we can't realize how small or big it actually is because we easily are tricked by our own eyes. Moreover, different perspectives cause us to perceive things differently. Therefore, putting them next to other stuff is the best way for us to know the true size of the items. Many people around the world decided to compare things. They then captured the final results and shared them with others. And they have left us in awe.
Have you ever wondered how your doll would change after 20 years of use? Or how big the thorns on the Acacia Erioloba actually are? We have collected 30 pictures in which people compared all kinds of things, including the penny from 1847 vs today, the toe of a husband vs a wife, the flooding in Paris today compared to the Great Flood of 1910, and an organic strawberry vs its Walmart counterpart. The list goes on. If you are curious, scroll down to check out the list below. We are sure that this list will blow your mind. Also, don't forget to vote for the comparison that makes you impressed most.

#1. Penny from 1847 vs today

Source: steamy_linguini

#2. My 14 years old well-worn toy compared to a new one found in a second-hand shop

Source: sekasika

#3. My big toe, compared to my wife's big toe

Source: retundamonkey

#4. The tan of my hand compared to my foot

Source: MadoneXI

#5. My wife’s face on our wedding day compared to when she met Rob...

Source: TheNervousPoops

#6. The flooding in Paris today compared to the Great Flood of 1910

Source: mike_pants

#7. My dad eats one full carrot in his veggie smoothie EVERYDAY. His skin compared to ours

Source: omgbbqpork

#8. How Massive Petra really is compared to my 6-foot mom

Source: KingLeBrun

#9. My organic strawberry (right) compared to its Walmart counterpart (left)

Source: andreithegiant97

#10. 20-year-old knife compared to brand new. Exact same brand/type of knife

Source: iruvyouskyrine

#11. Shaq's size 22 shoes (basketball for scale)

Source: ajhidell63

#12. The size of this Tyrannosaurus tooth cast compared to my arm


#13. The smallest and largest keys we sell at my shop, as compared to a typical door key

Source: Saxy_Shane

#14. A new pair of work shoes compared to a pair of the exact same model after 15 months on the job

Source: dzneill

#15. My mom next to this moderately sized cactus

Source: jjimahon

#16. The size of a store-bought blackberry compared to homegrown

Source: agirlandheranimals

#17. The size of the mushrooms in my yard

Source: Drunken_Herald

#18. A massive strawberry compared to my mother’s hand

Source: bigbenisboibam

#19. For anyone wondering what the actual size of a kiwi is

Compare ThingsSource: Twisted_Logic

#20. 780lb wild boar skull compared to an adult wolf

Compare ThingsSource: WisconsinBBO

#21. The size of the hailstones in Alberta today

Compare ThingsSource: fishyeye

#22. The thorns on the Acacia Erioloba look like a whole new level of pain

Compare ThingsSource: Browndog888

#23. Lego C3PO from 2000 compared to the detail of one from 2020

Compare ThingsSource: 1029Dash

#24. Shaq's hand compared to a pop can

Compare ThingsSource: chrishamer09

#25. My 1991 polly pocket and puppy surprise compared to my daughter’s 2021 polly pocket and puppy surprise

Compare ThingsSource: mollkell

#26. My dog compared to the Snowfall here in Buffalo

Compare ThingsSource: reddit

#27. My left thumb compared to my fiancée’s thumbs

Compare ThingsSource: NickAndHisGuitar

#28. Monster mushroom that's growing in my yard compared to my size 8 foot. It went from being plum size to pumpkin size in a week

Compare ThingsSource: chickxbuffet

#29. My teddybear after 22 years of love compared to his original form

Compare ThingsSource: Xenyme

#30. My first run almost 100 lbs and just over a year ago compared to my most recent run

Compare ThingsSource: Lord_of_the_poop

Did these pictures in which people compare different things help you know the actual size of the stuff around you? If you want to have a good laugh, visit our website to check out our recent posts.
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