30 Times Employees Shared About Their Terrible Bosses Online

Even while there are plenty of absurd people at work, it can be a little harder if the boss is also insane. While some managers and bosses are occasionally only irritating, others can be incredibly cruel and self-centered.
Today, we've collected some posts in which workers lambasted their terrible bosses online. Calling out unethical behavior is vital in some cases since bosses are the company's leaders, and if a leader behaves badly, it can lead to toxic work environments. View several employees discussing their issues with their managers by scrolling down.

#1. Why Do Bosses Get So Angry About Vacation Days?

Source: jordan_stratton

#2. The Company Culture

Source: yeoldedad

#3. Who Is The Boss Now?

Source: _Xyreo_

#4. That “No”

Source: birdrespecter

#5. Is It Normal To Not Want To Discuss The Base Pay?

Source: ceanothourus

#6. Boss Told Me After Massively Overworking Me That If I Want To Play In His Sandpit I Need To Toughen Up

Source: WhlteMlrror

“Told him I don’t want to play in the sandpit, I want time to lay on the lawn with my cats. He told me to take my cats and go to hell. He was bluffing. I wasn’t. I quit! Coming at ya from my lawn!”

#7. Boss Told Me After Massively Overworking Me That If I Want To Play In His Sandpit I Need To Toughen Up

Source: Archiive

#8. Had Approved Time Off, Boss Still Scheduled Me

Source: imjusthere1969

#9. Throwback To June Of This Year When My Employer Wrote Me Up For Discussing Pay With Coworkers! (Which I Didn’t Even Do Btw)

Source: spicymemories19

#10. 2 Weeks Of Telling My Boss The Produce In The Warehouse Are Going Bad. Him: Don’t Worry About It

Source: Kaxton15

#11. Finally Decided I’d Had Enough Of My Boss On Monday, And Did It Feel Good

Source: binthinkin77

#12. Great Thank You I Will Put You Down

Source: oo-de-lally-golly

#13. Trashy Bosses

Source: COVID19_4Lyf

#14. You Love To See It


#15. Working Night Shift Without Holiday Pay. This Is The Lunch They Provided. Happy New Year

Source: thatuploadingaccount

#16. My Boss Gave Me These Gloves For ”Welding” After My Old Ones Burned

Source: Loponyt

#17. My Boss Called Out Today Because His Team Lost The Super Bowl

Source: dm_me_ur_pls

#18. Who’s Worse – The Manager Or The Racist Customers?

Source: C4ptaincrunch20

#19. I Work In Construction And Get Paid In Cash. My Boss Thinks He’s Funny

Source: OhCoyle

#20. So I’m 5 Days Into My Covid Positive Reading And My Boss Sends Me This Because She’s Short-Staffed And I’m Still Feeling Absolutely Ill

Source: Skaifur

“I’m in Florida for winter break and she’s back in NC meaning I would have to fly while covid positive.”

#21. I Guess I Haven’t Been Removed From The Email List Yet. After Terminating My Coworker For Going To A Funeral And Calling Me A Slur, They Send This

Source: JelloZealousideal954

#22. My Sister Recieved This Email Today. It Was Sent From Her Manager To All Her Coworkers

Source: getyourtimeback

She reported it to HR and they told her it was “out of place for her to critique her superior’s emails.”

#23. About A Year Ago I Got Let Go Of My Job And Decided To Hustle Making Music, This Is The Second Time My Ex-Boss Tries To Have Me Mention Him In A “Media Opportunity”

Source: PurveyorOfSapristi

#24. A Competing Company Is Offering Us 20 Percent More To Work For Them. Management’s Response

Source: daniel-moseley

#25. Toddler Logic

Source: katierose

#26. Sad That This Is The World We Live In

Source: EggEggEggEggOWO

#27. My Manager Taped A Piece Of Paper To A Clipboard

Source: Petemarsh54

#28. Manager Won’t Let Mom Who’s Son Is On Life Support Request Time Off

Source: Queen__Bri

#29. This Sign. The Manager Must Be A Nightmare

Source: parawh0remal

#30. My Bosses Desktop

Source: s13Twin

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