30 Times Ads Were So Out Of Context That People Had To Share Them Online

When it comes to ads, not all of them can simply be categorized into just “good” or “bad”. There are also ones that would best be described as simply weird, and if there’s one place that welcomes these types of ads with open arms, it’s the Ads With Threatening Auras Facebook group.

The Facebook group in question is dedicated to the most confusing ads that people came across, and most of them will leave you with more questions than answers. It has nearly 76k members, and is never short of hilarious new content – check out some of the best submissions in the gallery below!


Source: Gab Gorospe


Source: Erika Marie Carlyn

#3. Don’t we all?

Source: Kody Riggleman

#4. Thanks, Satan

Source: Ñïïäh Ñïïäh

#5. The dog's face tho

Source: Austin Bachman

#6. Am I the only one who saw chicken feet?

Source: Thallie Slothennagar

#7. Seriously?

Source: Ca

#8. I have a feeling that this piano might be haunted

Source: Ella Dempster

#9. This has a welcoming aura

Source: Matty Mas

#10. Okay

Source: Jenny Benedict

#11. Just let me know

Source: Josh Simpson

#12. Enough room to swing a child?

Source: Shywa

#13. Presenting CRUBER

Source: Benn Danger Cox

#14. Crazy

Source: Kelvin Sirco Simz

#15. Saves the bees

Source: Jeremiah Webb

#16. Spren sbeve

Source: Lawrenz Silva

#17. Skeleton looks so excited

Source: Dave Williford

#18. Wheee

Source: Amy Gilroy

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