30 Things From Our Childhood That Become Laughably Old And Obsolete Now

Do you want to participate in the Old Age Test with us? We are positive this test will be really fun and make you feel nostalgic, especially if you lived in the 80s and 90s. Below, we have compiled a list of 30 nostalgic pictures that people shared on the /r/Nostalgia subreddit. From the Scholastic book fair to wooden playgrounds, these childhood memories have become hilariously old and obsolete. Are you interested? Let's get started.
The /r/Nostalgia subreddit is an online community of about 1.1 million people who constantly dedicate their time to sharing nostalgic pictures of something reminding you of a happier time." If you want to take a trip down memory lane, this group is an ideal place.

#1. The magic that was the Scholastic Book Fair

Source: MccreesKnees

#2. Wooden playgrounds

Source: Xnightx0wlx

#3. The GE alarm clock that everyone seemed to have

Source: 2ezyo

#4. The family computer

Source: IrishAzrael

#5. 90s PC speakers

Source: i_wanna_pee_on_you

#6. Torture device known as the "sit and reach" test

Source: mikencapo

#7. Remember when you didn’t have to enter your personal info online to win a soda?

Source: VitruvianHooligan

#8. Pencils with cartridges

Source: Lexjiggler

#9. This ride that almost killed us all in the 90's

Source: sundog925

#10. So today, I accidentally broke my autistic brother's favorite Dragon Tales plate and I can't find it anywhere online

Source: meatygonzales

#11. Who remembers this [ice cream] from school?

Source: 42iseverywhere42

#12. Eye Witness Books. The best part of the Scholastic Book Fair.

Source: TheKingoftheBlind

#13. These cereal bowls I used to eat out of as a kid

Source: Amartincelt

#14. The Motorola RAZR. Still the coolest cell phone to be produced

Source: Boojibs

#15. Did anyone else have a stage in the cafeteria of their school?

Source: Zolebrow

#16. Wooden Playgrounds with bridges that actually bounced

Source: 10percentSinTax

#17. Removing the faceplate of your car stereo so it wouldn’t get stolen

Nostalgic PicturesSource: ebjazzz

#18. I know you all remember the Spacemaker pencil box!

Nostalgic PicturesSource: FatSloppyPecker

#19. 90's TV cabinet. I remember needing to push on the glass doors to open them

Nostalgic PicturesSource: SeattleMana

#20. These alarm clocks

Nostalgic PicturesSource: TheWonderOnesie

#21. Rear door ashtrays; playing with these as a kid on car rides

Nostalgic PicturesSource: LORDRAHAB

#22. This Velcro Toss and Catch Game

Nostalgic PicturesSource: anarachelb

#23. Those red pebbled cups from the pizza joint with the arcade when you were a kid

Nostalgic PicturesSource: miketerre

#24. The crinkly feeling of opening these VHS cases

Nostalgic PicturesSource: GearWorst

#25. Space Cadet was my childhood

Nostalgic PicturesSource: SEMiTRiCKY

#26. Yes kids, back in the day, we’d have to remove the faceplates from our car stereos so they wouldn’t get stolen

Nostalgic PicturesSource: jsakic99

#27. I wanted this room so bad

Nostalgic PicturesSource:

#28. Kelloggs Star Wars Spoons

Nostalgic PicturesSource:

#29. See-through electronics

Nostalgic PicturesSource: rysterf

#30. The smell of opening a brand-new can of Play Doh

Nostalgic PicturesSource: colburn317

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