30 Really Unfortunate Souls Who Are Having A Far Worse Day Than You

Sometimes you feel like you are the happiest and luckiest person in this world. But in the following days, you experience the most terrible days, which makes you wonder whether you were born under a bad star or not and how much worse things can get in your life. Don't worry too much because many people are also having bad days out there, and their days are even worse than yours. If you scroll down and check out what these really unfortunate souls had to face, you might forget about your bad luck.
After doing a little bit of diving into the Internet, we came up with a complication of 30 really unfortunate souls who are having a far worse day than you. One person shared that they could see their neighbors take a sh*t every day. Another dropped a medical injection worth $12,000 on the carpet and bent the needle. The list goes on and on. Let's scroll down to take a look. Don't hesitate to share your bad day with us because it may help you feel better a little bit.

#1. No wonder every voice sounds like it is underwater...

Source: rastroboy

#2. The hairbrush my daughter leaves hanging in the shower

Source: maddogcas2383

#3. My boyfriend dropped my makeup bag

Source: dinklederp

#4. This “gift” for employee appreciation

Source: crudolph0828

#5. I accidentally put a plastic board on fire by lightning the wrong stove top and leaving the kitchen

Source: vinimanock

#6. Dropped in a 5-gallon bucket of used motor oil

Source: ikomega

#7. This band from a ring “guaranteed” to leave no mark

Source: KCIJunkDiver

#8. Dropping a medical injection worth $12,000 on the carpet and bending the needle

Source: Akward_Salamander

#9. Server said the wings were a "good" size!

Source: TheCamiloCano

#10. I wore an old pair of boots today and halfway through the day, the heals just kind of disconnected

Source: Novela_Individual

#11. Found this in my take-out from my favourite Chinese restaurant

Source: nthensome

#12. Couldn’t find where the apartment cleaner had left the toaster

Source: konaman97

#13. Stuck in elevator right now

Source: Bruggenmeister

#14. From the guy in the apartment 2 floors up

Source: spencer1886

#15. Cover your boxes of Lego if you own cats

Source: billyyshears

#16. How people at my college park

Source: SnodOfficial

#17. People that wear their pants like this

Source: iloveanker

#18. The steel cap fell out of my boot and I’m too broke for a new pair

Source: DeleriousDan

#19. Ice comes free with house!

Really Unfortunate SoulsSource: Leesh_Unleashed

#20. Our view of the Noah Kahan concert

Really Unfortunate SoulsSource: beneath-the-stairs

#21. This is why I don't cook

Really Unfortunate SoulsSource: eo326

#22. Where I live vs where the airline left my bag

Really Unfortunate SoulsSource: dingdongbannu88

#23. Went to stay with a friend, came home to this

Really Unfortunate SoulsSource: SolZaul

#24. A tree fell on my Cadillac

Really Unfortunate SoulsSource: MasterPPbokchoypimp

#25. What I have to wear the next 3 weeks

Really Unfortunate SoulsSource: Merlinshighcousin

#26. Rip my lego death star and other legos

Really Unfortunate SoulsSource: SneakerHead69420666

#27. I can’t imagine the pain he’ll feel when he wakes up and realizes

Really Unfortunate SoulsSource: Mitche420

#28. How did this even happen

Really Unfortunate SoulsSource: Half-eaten_Waffle

#29. I can see my neighbors take a sh*t every day...

Really Unfortunate SoulsSource: tjompjer

#30. Oh no

Really Unfortunate SoulsSource: Spodiz

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